Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shakespeare Hates your Emo Poems.

I guess I don't really have anything important to say, but yet, I felt like writing on here, so, here I am, doing just that.

This past weekend, Jake and I took our "last vacation without a child," meaning simply, before Spencer is born. We packed up our things, including Mr. Wendell, and headed for the cities (after dropping Wendell off with my family). We spent two nights with Miss Best Friend and her husband, at their very spacious, spectacular new apartment. Both Jake and I were very impressed with the space. I particularly loved their red wall in the living room, as well.

David, MBF's husband, made Mexican food for us when we arrived on Saturday. It was super delicious. Breakfast the following morning was equally wonderful.

The "main goal" for the weekend, I guess you could say, was to attend the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee. Jake and I attended together a few years back, and had a wonderful time. He mentioned to me in August that we could go, and of course, I had been excited ever since. Michelle had never been there, so we purchased tickets for she and David to attend with us.

Jake wore a (my) t-shirt that reads, "Shakespeare Hates Your Emo Poems," which was a hit, as many people commented on it throughout the day. He even had his picture taken in it by people actually working there. I was highly entertained.

We enjoyed watching Johnny Phoenix, who is a comedian/magician/entertainer guy, as well as Puke & Snot (they are much more entertaining than their name would allow you to think), watched a glass artist at work (I was completely entranced, as Jake put it, I had "droopy jaw" as I watched him work), enjoyed the banter at vegetable justice (where you throw tomatoes at a dude's head, basically), meandered through the petting zoo, and caught a few glimpses of the live joust and horse show. I forget what else. We did a lot of wandering, talking, and reminiscing, as well as planning trips with Spencer and the excitement that will bring.

On Sunday night, we watched the new "Star Trek." I hadn't ever seen the old one, nor knew anything about Star Trek... so I was kind of lost, but enjoyed it for the most part!

On Monday morning, Michelle, Jake, and I (David had to work, unfortunately), walked to the Good Day Cafe, which is where the bridal breakfast was the morning of their wedding, actually. My Almond Encrusted Brioche was fantastic. My mouth is watering just thinking about it now. Following, we met up with Jake's younger sister and her boyfriend at the Mall of America, for all of five minutes, before having to leave. While we were there (I guess we were probably IN the mall for 15 minutes, maybe 20), Jake and I ran into one of our ushers from OUR wedding, and his wife, and their TWO kids! We knew they had the older one, Ayden, because he was a baby when we got married. But now they have another son, Danny! And Ayden is tall! It made me realize how bad we were at keeping in touch with them, and how much I missed the days when they were a part of our lives. It was wonderful to catch up with them while we had the chance, though.

We were even fortunate enough to visit with Jake's best friend, Brian, for a short while, after we picked up he and his family from the airport!

When we got back to Sioux Falls, Jake drove through a few car sales lots, and we realized that Wendell was oddly excited about the activity.

SO, I guess the babble turned into a recap of my weekend. I hope that wasn't too incredibly boring for you.

Jake and I had cupcakes on Saturday before we left. Well, actually I didn't. Jake had two before we got to Minnesota, and I had one after we arrived in Minnesota. I had purchased two for myself, and we also picked out one for each of my sisters as a surprise gift, but then my youngest sister had a friend with her and she wanted my other one and I'm just that nice that I couldn't say no to a kid, so I gave it up. We forgot to get one for my dad (love you dad!), so I owe him!

They're delicious, fyi:
While talking with Michelle, we decided that we think Jake should blog about being a first-time father. I think it would be lots of fun to read, whether he is my husband or not. Wait, that makes it sound like I might divorce him... which I won't, so... uh... Oh look, it's 10:07 and I've been up since 5:49. I'm going to bed. Haha.

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  1. You're too funny. I want to go to the Renaissance Festival sometime. It has my name in it. And. Next time I visit we are getting cupcakes. That's all.