Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Official Mud Butt Cloth Diaper Review & Give-Away!

Mud Butt Cloth Diapers... ever heard of them?

Click here to visit the Mud Butt Cloth Diaper site!

I came upon Mud Butts via a close friend of mine. She had been using cloth diapers for her children for a few years, and told me of these wonderful diapers, made by a Work at Home Mom (WAHM) in Minnesota. Her name is Carrie.

When our son was born in November, we were already stocking up cloth diapers to use once we were able. (We were waiting for him to heal up from a circumcision, and we also had a ton of newborn disposable diapers we were given before his birth.) We stocked up on various types: NuBunz, Sweet Doll Baby, Fuzzi Bunz, Thirsties Duo, and Charlie Banana. Of course, seeing as how cloth diapering can be pretty addicting, I was always looking at diapers... and as I said, came upon Mud Butts!

I placed my first order in December (I think). I ordered three diapers. I fell in love with them and ordered three more. My husband exclaimed one night, "It's official, the Mud Butts are my favorite!" so, I took it upon myself to order more.

(The photo to the right up here is one of our newest, I call it "Ninja Butt!" (Our sons nickname is the Little Ninja, and Carrie was so awesome as to make the diaper for us.)

Now, Mud Butt Cloth diapers are winning for the most of one type in our stash. In fact, I sold the NuBunz and Sweet Doll Baby, and packed away the Thirsties Duo as soon as SJ outgrew them to make way for Mud Butts!

(This one, to the left, is another of our newest. It's the M&M Butt! I am in love with this diaper!

Anyway... )

Here's what you should know about Mud Butt Cloth Diapers:

  • - They come in two types, Pocket and All-in-Two (AI2). A pocket diaper, for those who don't know, is the type you stuff the inside of with an insert. An AI2 diaper is one that has a snap-in insert that attaches to the outer layer of the pocket (still inside the diaper), but also affords the luxury of stuffing an insert inside if you so choose. An AI2 can be used multiple times if it doesn't get too dirty/wet when your child voids, which means less diaper laundry (or less PUL covers used, anyway).
  • - They come with two insert choices, Zorb/Microfiber or Bamboo/Microfiber. They are both soft, flexible, and super absorbant. The Bamboo/Microfiber comes prepped and ready to use, which means Carrie has washed it six or so times to get the natural oils out, so you don't have to! Bonus!
  • - They come in two sizes , regular, and Mighty (made a bit larger for bigger babies and toddlers).
  • - They come in two fabric options, prints and solids.
  • - While she offers some "in-stock" diapers, the majority of her diapers are custom orders. That, my friends, is one of my favorite aspects of Mud Butts! This means you get to create your own diapers! You choose the pul (the outer fabric) color or print. You choose the snap colors. You choose the type (Pocket/AI2) and the size (regular/Mighty). You choose the insert type and how many you want. Voila!
  • - They're created swiftly! Generally, tis' a two week wait. Sure, that sounds long when you're excited, but they're custom made, remember, and Carrie has two children that she's home with!
  • - They're trim. They're not as "fluffy" on the back end as some others, such as Fuzzi Bunz, which is a delight if you're, say, trying to squeeze a fluffy bottom into pants that are a little snug on a cloth diaper.
  • - They have a great all-around fit. When I asked my husband what is his favorite thing about Mud Butts, he said "The way they FIT! It's FANTASTIC!" (That's a direct quote, I just asked him.)
  • - They're super afforable! For a custom diaper, paying around $20 per diaper is a steal, I'd say!
  • - Carrie has excellent customer service. Seriously. She's like, a wizard, in my opinion. She answers all my cloth diaper questions related to the Mud Butts, but also other sorts of cloth diaper questions, such as laundry, soaking, stripping, you name it.
  • - Her diapers come with thigh savers. They're little covers for the inside of the snaps that, when your baby grows, end up pressing into their cute little thighs! Normally, I'd feel bad about this, but Carrie saves the day! Snap these on, and no red marks! And, they stay on in the wash. They come complimentary with your diaper.
  • - They fit most babies approximately 8-35 pounds. We started using them on Spencer at 9 pounds. The Mighty Mud Butt fits a child 18+ pounds.
  • - If you're expecting a baby, she has gift registry option! Woohoo!
  • - They are easy to clean poop off of. Seriously, so far, I've noticed that with or without my diaper sprayer, Spencer's poop comes off the AI2 inserts much easier than the inside of any pocket diaper that I've found. That's a total perk if you don't really want to "deal" with the poop so much!

We use the AI2s. We've been able to use them up to three times, if our little guy doesn't poo in them, which is totally slick. And, the change for inserts is fast, so it doesn't take much time at all. I have, for the sake of being able to say I have and review it, used it also as a pocket diaper. It's just trim and wonderful.

Personally, the Zorb inserts are my favorite. I feel like they hold a bit more, and are a little more flexible than the Bamboo, but that might be my imagination. My only complaint with the Bamboo is they seem to take a little bit longer to dry.

I really have nothing negative to say about Mud Butts! I haven't had any real issues with them, though... I had someone at church not know how to change the diaper and somehow, the insert was up my child's back, as I realized when I got home and his back was soaked in pee. But, that's totally nothing wrong with the diaper. Haha.

And... now that you've read all that.... It's....


Yup, that's right. One lucky reader will win a Custom Solid Color Mud Butt Diaper! You choose the PUL color and snap options, the AI2/Pocket, the Zorb/Bamboo insert, and it shows up at your house! YAY!

Here's how to enter:
  • Reply to this blog post. (Hopefully, you've read all my babble, but I won't make you take a quiz or anything.) You MUST include your first name, your email address, and the following:
PUL COLOR CHOICE (one solid color)
(you can click those)

What would you name your creation? Generally, Carrie names hers after foods and desserts. Come up with something scrumptious!

What's is the usual response you hear when you tell people you cloth diaper (or are going to)?

  • "Like" Mud Butt Cloth Diapers on facebook. (If you don't like the diapers, why would you want one!? Haha.)
  • Note: If you've won a Mud Butt Giveaway contest any time in the last six months, please be curteous and allow others to enter instead! You can still respond and answer the questions, if you'd like. I really have no way of monitoring who has won in the past, so I trust that you'll be honorable.
That's it! One week from today (March 8, 2011, 7:00pm-ish), I will go to random.org and it will select a winner from the entrants. I'll give your information to Carrie, and she'll work on your diaper. That's as easy as it is.

I won't make you "follow" or "like" or "subscribe" to my blog just to enter. Face it, I hate doing that for contests, so why would I make you? Of course, I won't complain if you do because you like reading what I have to say, but it will not get you extra credit entries or anything for the giveaway.


  1. I don't have a child yet, but am definitely going to use cloth diapers when I do have kids. It never hurts to start collecting cloth diapers, right? In New York, it's fairly common for children to use cloth diapers, so I don't think that I will get any weird comments about it. But I'm sure I'll hear the "doesn't doing the laundry all the time have just as bad an impact on the earth" or even "doesn't that smell more" or "how can you wash poop" comments. Sometimes people don't think! heh.

    Anyhow, my name is Rachel & my email address is sincerelyrachel@gmail.com. And if I should win (though I doubt number one will be selected randomly, sigh), I would love the pul color: periwinkle and the snapcolors: teal-regular & plum

    I'd name the diaper: Blueberry Cobbler (drooool)

  2. My name is Jessica and I've been cloth diapering for almost a year now. My choice in color for PUL would be raspberry and for my snaps I would choose white and I would call it "raspberry cheesecake" (LOVE cheesecake!)
    The most common thing I hear is always "wow good for you!" Followed by a "but don't you get sick of doing laundry all the time!"

    Oh and my email address is jess (dot) gumble (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Name - Abbie Enlund
    email - greeningsamandavery@gmail.com
    my choices - spring green, baby yellow and bright yellow. I desperately need spring to come and these colors remind me of the "veggie garden" I hope to be growing soon. So that is what I would call it - "veggie garden".
    Don't you get tired of dealing with the poop? That is what people say. And yes, I do! But you have to whipe poop anyway.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. I like Mud Butt too.
    Were all of those answers suppose to be in different comments? Hope not!
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Abbie Enlund

  5. Gina...ginathenurse01 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Marigold with egg nog snaps and i'd call it "peaches and cream"

    thanks for your review! our little one is due in 3 weeks and i can't wait to CD him or her!!

  6. So cute love he M&Ms
    Blue and Red

  7. Hey nic! I currently usedisposable diapers but always read about you using the cloth diapers. it interests me but I am afraid to try them. If I would win I would like a dark brown pul with lime green and orange snaps. I would call it the fin spin since finley would be using it.

    Anyway I hope mother hood is treating you well it is a blessing for sure!
    Ashley whipkey
    Ashley e drew@yahoo.com

  8. OMG love your M&M pic (and diaper)!

    clothcycle at yahoo dot com
    Spring Green PUL with Grass Green & Celery snaps
    I would name it Key Lime Pie!

    The normal response to when I tell ppl I CD is "isn't that messy". To which I say, no more than a sposie, all I do is dump the waste in the toilet and flush! Easy Peasy!

  9. Rosie
    I would choose purple pul and white snaps and call it blueberry pie. When I tell people they always say that is good and wish they had the nerve to do it also.Liked mutt butts on FB rosie martinez

  10. cjenkin@blc.edu

    people always are surpised when they hear/see we cloth diaper. the laundry question is up there, but people generally say how impressed they are or how cute the dipe is!

    I would love a bright pink dipe with yellow snaps. We could call it Pink Lemonade

  11. Stephanie

    PUL: Dark Chocolate Brown
    Snaps: Teal
    Name: Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae with sprinkles!!

    Thanks for this review! I like the AI2 systems and can't wait to try them out when baby comes in May!!

    Most comments I receive about CDs are very negative especially from family and friends. They think of the old way of CD from way back when. I hear about the laundry will be more therefore there are no savings in money between disposable and CDs. The worst comment I got was from a very close friend when she said "Don't expect me to ever watch your baby if you are going to use CDs" ouch!! Oh well, I still desire to use CDs!!

  12. They look so cute! I would love to CD, but my husband is a little hesitant. This would be perfect to introduce him to how easy it can be.

    Name~ Christina
    Email~ cbevlamb@yahoo.com
    I'd like the black on black and I'd call it Rocker Butt!

  13. Kate is my name! :)
    russandkate@starpoint.net is my e-mail address!

    I would choose Light Pink for the PUL and the snaps would be Baby Yellow and Light Purple. I would call it Easter egg!

    I can't wait to get my first cloth diaper from mud butts! I ordered one last weekend and it should be here in a couple weeks. Thanks Nicole for telling me all about Mud Butts!! :) And thanks to you and Mud Butts for doing this giveaway! <3

  14. Oh, and the response I usually get! I have only been called crazy a handful of times! Hah. And most people don't think I can do it. I take that as a challenge and I can't wait to prove people wrong!

  15. Hey Nic, it's Katie! My email address is granola.freeman@gmail.com.

    I'm going to go with the combo of:
    PUL: Magenta
    Snaps: Bright yellow and orange...

    It's a Starburst! :)
    Thanks for doing this giveaway. I have a few friends who use them and have only good things to say about them. We currently use a combo of FuzziBunz and disposables, but I'm going to slowly start phasing out the disposables. I get a lot of the same laundry and sanitation questions that I see mentioned.

  16. Name is Audra

    I would choose Bright Pink with Green and Purple snaps. I would call it Sprinkles.

    Thanks for all the information!

  17. I've been Cloth Diapering for about a year now and this is the first I've heard of Mud Butt diapers, but they sound awesome! People usually assume CD'ing is messy, but once I tell them how CDs have changed...they want to learn more!


    I would choose Plum with Teal and Lime Green Snaps.
    I would name the diaper Plum Sherbet!

  18. Perhaps a black diaper with royal blue and orange snaps would be good for a Boise baby. How about "Bronco-licious" for the diaper's name. Named after BSU's Broncos.

    People don't usually have anything negative to say to me about cloth diapers. I guess I've been doing it for so long, there's not much to say.

    trishabear1970 at yahoo dot com

  19. Randi

    red PUL
    black & white snaps
    "Falcons" (the colors of our local school, where my husband teaches)

  20. Mocha with eggnog snaps...MMMMM..Mocha Frapp
    I used clothe diapers with our first daughter and loved it but I was spoiled and had a diaper service(Gift from in-laws). Now with our forth we need to use clothe due to financial issues and I am actually excited about it and also enjoyed window shopping for them!
    The famous comment when I tell people about using clothe diapers is,"Oh really, what about the poopy ones??" LOL makes me laugh so hard!!
    Thanks really hoping to win,
    Mary mislilly33@msn.com

  21. Jessica Croshaw

    PUL: dark brown
    Snaps: white and black

    I would call my diaper "Smores" Dang, I am hungry!

    The response I get the most is "What do you do with the poo?"

  22. Mandy Rubink
    PUL: Magenta
    Snaps: Orange
    "Summer shebert"
    I've had a lot of people say, "What are those? They're so cute!"
    It is a little annoying that so many people are so close-minded about cloth diapering. I try and tell everyone I can (even it they don't have kids) about them because I want people to understand-- YOU DONT HAVE TO USE PINS ANYMORE!!

  23. Naomi
    nrcurlett at shaw dot ca

    Well, my PREFERENCE would be the M&M diaper you have on your baby above!!!... but that doesn't fit the criteria... If I won, I'd even pay extra to have the extra snap colours on that one!

    So, PUL = raspberry, snaps = red, white, and I'd call it Strawberry Shortcake.

    Actually, people usually just say "Wow!" or "I don't blame you, the cost of disposables on my grocery bill is crazy."

    name- Cassie bailey
    email cassiebbailey@gmail.com
    PUL raspberry
    snap lime green and barbie pink
    id call it fruit smoothie
    responses- "more powe to you or ew i dont want to touch poop until they see the newer and improved cloth diapers that i have with no pins and leaks

  25. My name is Rachel.

    PUL: Aqua
    Snaps: Dark Chocolate Brown and Egg Nog

    Name: ? I'm terrible at this... Maybe frosty christmas?

    I actually know a lot of people who use cloth diapers so it's pretty accepted and not that weird:) Mostly people want to know if they leak.

    richardrachel at hotmail dot com

  26. I also follow Mud Butt on FB (Rachel Neufeld). I love seeing all the cute and creative pictures she puts up:)

    richardrachel at hotmail dot com

  27. Good luck all! Don't count this as an entry, as I have won before! But, these are my FAVORITE diapers, and I just LOVE Carrie!!

  28. Hey this is Amanda and I am very excited to see and examine a Mudd Butt in person... hopefully i will see you soon Nicole! If i were to design a Mudd Butt I would call it
    "Sweet Cream Sensation"
    and it would be Baby Yellow PUL,and Baby Yellow snaps! When people hear I cloth diaper the first thing they usually say is REALLY???!!!??? but what do you do with the poop... with which i respond "i flush it down the toilet!" when i explain our wash routine and that i don't actually touch the poop they seem to relax a bit. LOL oh and my email is a_redenius9508(at)yahoo(dot)com!

  29. My name is Niki and my email is nb.lavin(at)gmail(dot)com

    I would choose the aqua pul with candy and barbie pink snaps and call it bubble gum ice cream

    The craziest thing anyone has ever said to me about cloth diapering is "Why would you do that to yourself?" The crazy thing is that it is actually a highlight of my day when I choose a diaper for my DD to wear :)

  30. Name: Ashley
    E-mail: anmikel@jacks (dot) sdstate (dot) edu
    Pul: Red
    Snaps: White and Blue
    Name: Freedom Delight :) (Especially patriotic in this household!)

    I love CD's! I get a lot of negative remarks from co-workers and family when we mention we will be using them.
    Would be very excited to see something different than a FuzziBunz!
    I am really glad you are having such a positive experience with the diapers, and am excited to hear about Kate's adventure with them also when little girl "B" arrives.

  31. I'd design a "Cat in the Hat Cupcake" diaper (like in the movie version) with Orchid PUL, Lime Green & Candy Pink snaps!

    and most often I hear "what about the poop?"

    dakotaring at yahoo dot com

  32. And I already like Mud Butt on FB (that's how I found your giveaway!)

    dakotaring at yahoo dot com

  33. Jill
    PUL- raspberry
    snaps- baby yellow & lime green
    call it- strawberry kiwi banana smoothie :)

    I have never tried them but I dont think they would be as hard as I have always imagined they would be and would love a mud butt as a first they sound awesome!

  34. I am very interested in the AI2 diaper! My first name is JaTon. my e-mail address is jatonlawver@msn.com.
    PUL raspberry
    Snaps baby pink. Thank you!!!!!

  35. This is so funny because next time I saw you, I was going to ask you what your favorite cloth diaper was. I guess I have my answer. Thanks!
    Diaper name: Strawberry Limeade
    PUL - Spring Green
    Snaps - Candy Pink

  36. First, I love that Spencer is trying to shove that entire bag of M&Ms in his mouth...reminds me of me!
    Second, I want to win!
    tim_lisa_20 (at) yahoo
    PUL: Red
    Snaps: White
    Diaper Name: Strawberry Pie(this sounds too good right now...why would you make a pregnant woman think about food?)
    The only response I've gotten so far is disgust about putting poopie diapers in the washer. Meh.

  37. I like Mud Butt on FB as Jaimie K.
    jaimiemildred at gmail dot com

  38. Oh darn, my first one never posted. ??
    I would get Dark Chocolate Brown PUL with Lime Green Snaps. Andes mint??
    I don't cd yet, but hope to soon! I haven't really told anyone, so I've only had one comment and that was, "Do you seriously use cloth diapers??" I thought it was funny.
    I'm Jaimie. :)
    jaimiemildred at gmail dot com

  39. My name is Jodi and my email is miskelljodifunk at aol dot com. Mud Butts now dominate my stash--and I use the Mighty's for overnights. Well, if my daughter isn't potty trained soon, I'm going to need them all the time as she is just plain BIG!

    I have so many Mud Butts that I don't even want to create my own. I've been ogling that M&M one ever since she posted photos of it. :0) Either that or another daisy one--that one rocks too--and I would probably need it in a Mighty size for my mighty sized children.

    People thank me when they hear I cloth diapers--since I essentially have three using them. My son just needs them at night though. I like to tell people about my poop adventures sometimes. haha! But could you imagine how much garbage we would have if we were using sposies?

    AND, I have yet to actually win a Mud Butt contest--but I'm the big winner anyway cause I already have a HUGE STASH! :0)

  40. Krystal McAllisterMarch 6, 2011 at 9:08 PM

    I would love a mud butt in Brown with Blue and green snaps :)

    I would call my creation M&M brownies. The thing I hear most when I tell people I use cloth diapers is "How in the world do you deal with the gross poopie diapers?"

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter, I hope I win I love cloth dipes and you can never have to many.

    I'm Krystal

  41. I'm Lauren :)
    SmileyCam86@msn.com - Would love to win a diaper!!!

    The response that I usually get is shock... Why would you do that? Or do they come clean? :) Usually when I show the person a cloth diaper, they are shocked. Most ppl don't realize how good they are these days!!!!!

    PUL choice would be : Candy pink
    Snaps :purple
    I would name it Cotton Candy :)

  42. Samantha Hally

    I would choose a beautiful plum color pul with pink and blue snaps. Itd be "Eggplant Promenade" lol

    Like MudButt on FB

    Most people ask if I use pins when I put them on, lol.

  43. My name is Kami, ckquistfamily(at)hotmail(dot)com.

    I just learned about Mud Butts from my friend and have ordered 2 already to try. I am sure I'll love them!
    If I "won" a third, I would love the citron with the grass green snaps.
    My creation would be named Limeade Delight!

    I am new to CD, so a lot of my friends have noticed/heard about me doing this now. The usual response is, "Oh, wow... I couldn't do that." OR, "Really? Why are you doing that?" Ha ha! I think THEY think it sounds too hard or ovewhelming/time-consuming/gross to have to "actually clean your child's stinkies out of cloth, etc.." But, seriously - why WOULDN'T you cloth diaper? It helps with people like Carrie making it fun with fun prints and the ease of snaps, great-fitting dipes.


  44. I'd love the Magenta with lime snaps...I have no idea what to call it...hot pink diaper??? LOL Probably the thing I'd get the most would be "Eeeewww" comments, but most people don't care as long as it's easy to change, and they don't have to wash them!

    Narelle Galloway

  45. I also like MuddButt on FB! :)

    nari_gal @ yahoo.com

  46. Devin Rubink
    Royal Blue PUL w/ periwinkle snaps
    I thought it would be really gross, but my wife talked me into it. After changing my first poopy cloth diaper, I realized it wasn't as gross as I thought it would be. I do have to tell people it's not as gross as they think.

  47. Sandy Spiczka
    Magenta diaper with orange snaps.
    I would call it "Summer Sunset".
    I would like to win this diaper for my granddaughter. When I tell people that my daughter cloth diapers they say, "Wow! That's amazing" or "I wonder how long that will last."
    I think the idea is very cool, but people don't realize that it's not as much work as people think. Takes much more dedication than disposables, but it is very cool!!

  48. Victoria Morse
    PUL choice would be :periwinkle
    Snaps :baby yellow or celery

    I have been reading every night about cloth diapers and am starting to switch over. I want a good quality cloth diaper but there are so many different ones it is hard to find one that is high quality and reliable but affordable. My son is just 9 months and is growing out of size 4 diapers. I need to find the right diaper soon.

  49. Echo Malcik

    I love your M&M diaper, but as it does not qualify for this contest, I would choose PUL: spring green SNaps: orange and bright yellow. I would call the diaper rainbow sherbet. When I told people I was cloth diapering the said, "OK, I wonder how long that will last, I'll buy you a pack of disposables just in case."