Sunday, March 27, 2011

There goes my hero...

The Foo Fighters have this awesome song that my husband just loves. It's called "My Hero." There are various sources that say this song is a tribute to Kurt Cobain, but then others say that's made up, so who knows. It doesn't really matter for the point of my post, anyway. Moving on... It's a pretty fantastic song. I enjoy it quite a bit too. Of course, as is the case with most songs, I prefer the acoustic version. Here's a youtube video of it for those who'd like to listen.

Naturally, since Jake loves the song so much, when I hear the opening, I automatically think of him. However, over time, it's really become a song to me that is about him. Truthfully.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I had surgery last week to remove a cyst on my tail bone.

My husband has been absolutely wonderful. He not only took me in for surgery and brought me home, but has been working really hard for me to heal.

That means that he's been doing most of the chores and taking care of the baby. Yes, he's basically taken on my role while I'm home, and also his own while he's home, and even went to work yesterday to make sure we would have funds to get us by. He's been working really, really hard.

I don't know how to tell him properly that I appreciate his dedication and loyalty, his love and compassion, and his selflessness as much as I really do. I used to feel like I was quite a linguist, but then I realize that my emotions don't always line up with words as well as I'd like... meaning, words aren't as meaningful as I'd hoped. I've given gifts and planned dates or outings for us in the past to show appreciation, but that doesn't always cut it either.

Maybe I'll let him take a nice long nap. Haha.

Seriously though, he's been the biggest blessing this week.

I haven't been able to move well, sit against my back, bend, and lift things. So, while I feel I've been neglecting Spencer, Jake has really been there. He has given most every bottle, baby food meal, every bath, changed nearly every diaper, picked him up almost every time he was sad, and he has gotten up every single time in the middle of the night, except once last night, because I was up and felt like I could manage.

That's right. Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night... every time Spencer woke, except once.

For the record, Spencer hasn't been a real peach the past few nights, either. It turns out, after Jake took him into acute care this morning, he has another ear infection. That explains the various fevers and waking up screaming multiple times in the night.

I must confess, had it been me getting up every night like that, I can't honestly, with 100% certainty say that I wouldn't have let a comment like this slipped through my lips at some point... something like... "Ugh, I'm just so tired since I've had to get up every time."

I wouldn't have even meant for it to be a slam against Jake, but thinking about it, I'm sure he would feel that way, had I said that.

I can say with 100% certainty, however, that he has not once complained about all the extra work he's been putting in around the house, for me to heal. (Or, if he has, I haven't heard it.) He also hasn't said that I have to get up every single time once I'm completely healed for the same number of nights that he's done it for me. I know I wouldn't say that to him (or mean it if I did say it jokingly, as I really might jokingly throw it out there), but I wouldn't blame him for saying it to me.

That's is FANTASTIC.

He has helped me shower. He's helped me put on pants. Helped me put on socks. Helped me put on shoes. Helped me walk, helped me stand up and sit down. And he's made most of the meals... including warming up those that were given to us and serving them.

Yesterday, he worked. I know I whined a few times to him about how hard it was to be at home with sick Spencer, alone, in pain, unable to take my meds, unable to care for him to the "perfection" I try to attain regularly... and yet, when he got home last night, the first thing he said is "You can drug yourself and sleep now."

So selfless.

This morning, he got up early to shower, and take Spencer to the doctor, and is now at church for both services. Spencer is at the church nursery. We weren't sure I should be trying to lift the car seat into the big suburban and then get in it and drive myself, since I can't lean against this tube and it feels like it's pulling and it's painful when I stretch too bad... so I'm home completely alone for the first time since the surgery. I thought it a great opportunity to write this tribute before I go lie down again (because the pain medications are still making me dizzy and woozy).

I am so impressed. I am so grateful. I am SO FORTUNATE that Jake has been here for me.

He really is my hero. He has been in the past for all the small reasons... this is just another, a bigger reason, that he remains my hero.

"There goes my hero, watch him as he goes. There goes my hero, he's ordinary. Kudos my hero, leaving all the best..."

I love you, Jacob (because I know you'll read this).

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sliced, like turkey.

Well... surgery was performed, and apparently with success, as I am sitting here typing this for anyone who wants to read.

This past Wednesday, promptly at 9:30 am, we arrived at the surgical tower for check-in. Following visits from various nurses, anasthetisoligicistslicsitlistuilss (i.e. anesthesiologists, but I let my fingers get away from me and decided against using the backspace key), and the surgeon, they hooked me up to an IV and got me all gussied up (in a hospital gown, robe, and giant, gray, no-slip socks) for the procedure.

Spencer made quite a few friends throughout the day, let me just say. Basically anyone who works at the hospital and came in the room got smiles from him, talked to him, complimented him (or us, whomever you prefer to interpret the compliments for) on his eyes and cuteness, and some even got to hold him.

Anyway. I was nervous. I sat there in my pretty attire with Jake and Spencer as we waited for me to be escorted to the procedure room. It was crazy to walk into that freezing cold room, get up on the bed, have the nurse tell me she was going to inject the anesthesia into my IV, and basically be out. I remember them covering me with some warm blankets because it was super cold.. and I think they were asking me about my dog? I am not entirely sure. This was promptly at 11:00am.

Fast forward... and I wake, every so groggily in a recovery room and see that the clock reads 12:48pm. Nice. My back hurt and my throat hurt and my eyes were totally hazy as they asked me if I knew where I was. I drifted in and out of consciousness for a few minutes before they asked me to rate my pain, and offered me some ice chips (delightful, I tell you what), a cracker, and some pain medications.

Boy, trying to choke down that cracker was a real treat. I thought for sure I might choke on it and die. My throat and mouth were SO dry I couldn't even produce saliva to wet it down, so it just coated the inside of my mouth and throat as I hacked it up waiting for more liquids. After I finally got that down... they wheeled me into yet another recovery room where I was finally able to see my husband and son. Well, sort of, as they had me facing the opposite side of the room as they had them sitting on. Nice planning, right?

After some apple juice, some toast (that I again had to try to choke down, I've never felt so dehydrated in my life, that I recall) and some successful (or adequate anyway) vital readings, the nurse taught us how to work the JP bulb thingy, had me try walking, let me get dressed, and prepared us to leave. As she was getting final paperwork, I was sitting on the bed, and thought for sure I was going to faint or pass out or lose my stomach... but I didn't.

We got home, and I don't really remember much. I know that Jake let me lie down in bed and I slept a lot. I remember later that night that he went to Bible Study and Jesse (his twin) came and babysat Spencer and I. I slept the entire time, as I had taken my pain medication (I guess).

After Bible Study, we had supper, thanks to a friend from church who prepared it for us... and then I tried to stand up and got really sick. That was fun.

I don't really remember much else.

But yeah, so they cut me open, removed a bunch of stuff, taped me up, inserted a tube/hose thing that is connected to a ball that I clip to my shirt that needs to be emptied twice a day and said "see you Monday morning." Basically. I'm on narcotics for pain and antibiotics to prevent infection. I hurt. I'm tired. I'm lightheaded and dizzy... but as Jake says, it'll get better.

And, for the record, Jake has done a fantastic job as "Mr. Mom" to Spencer, as well as taking care of me. I'm actually very nervous to be home alone with Spencer tomorrow for the first time since the surgery, unable to take pain medication, and just hoping the day goes smoothly. So, prayers for that would be great.

Thanks again to everyone for their thoughts and well-wishes, and those who have prepared meals to that Jake didn't have to worry about that too!

Here's to hoping I'm pain free and recovered swiftly, right?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Under the Knife.

I don't recall if I blogged about this subject before, especially while pregnant, so here's a quick summary of the past before I give an update:

While I was pregnant, I had a cyst on the tip of my tail bone flare up... really intensely. More than once, even. It was so painful I had a hard time sitting, standing, even wearing pants. I would end up in hysterics driving home from work it hurt so bad. They drained it once "surgically" and it drained on its own a few times.

Since I was pregnant, they couldn't do much for me, but they said at the surgical tower that if it came back again, especially after giving birth, to call them and they'd discuss options. So, when it did the day after I got home from the hospital, and again a few weeks later, and then it never really disappeared... I called them.

Today, I met with the surgeon. I thought they were going to do a quick drain today and send me on my way.. which they did.

BUT, they also scheduled me for full-on surgery next Wednesday.

I'm nervous. I have a week to sift through this nervousness and pray it be quelled, but seriously, I've never had anesthesia before. The thought scares me. Before I had Spencer, I hadn't even been hospitalized. So... needless to say, I'm not excited.

I am certain it will be fine, though. So, it's just a matter of calming down my mind, really.

They're going to knock me out, cut me open, cut it out, put in a tube, and sew me back up. I'll have a tube for a week or so, and have to take it easy until it's out and the wound heals. They say it's a tricky location since there's so much movement and stress, so I'll definitely have to limit mobility for the first few days. I'll have to have a baby sitter for at least 24 hours, and they say probably help with Spencer for first few days because I'll want to limit activity that causes stress on the area.

Should be delightful.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Pinch me. Am I dreaming?

For so long, I dreamt that one day I would be a mother. I always guarded my heart, though, afraid my body wouldn't cooperate and that dream would never come true.

I know this is a topic I've visited over and over again. It's like my blog becomes a revolving door of thought, at times, and I'm sure that it annoys some people.

But it's my blog.

I'm sharing this photo because I recently fell in love with it... again. I took it on March 7th (I believe) and thought it adorable, but up until last night, hadn't really sat and looked at it, letting his expression and the whimsical emotion melt my heart like it has. It is one of my favorite photos of him, to date.

Anyway... today, I was discussing with Jillian the possibility of more children in my future. While discussing that, we ventured into a discussion about insurance and fertility treatments. After SJ was born and I switched jobs, we also switched insurance, and up until today, there was some confusion as to what would be covered and when.

After a few phone calls, we established a couple of things. One- that any treatments at any point from here on should be covered by our insurance because, despite a letter we received in the mail, we have no pre-existing condition clause, and two- that I was "officially" diagnosed with PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian sydrome) back in October of 2009. While I had always assumed this to be the case, post-treatments, I did not know for sure, because no one came straight out and told me it was charted or diagnosed.

With this knowledge, I know that if and when Jake and I decide to actively pursue another addition to our family, medical interventions would be covered.

Not that I'm saying we're going to start trying to conceive again any time soon. It's just pure knowledge.

I digress.

After these discussions, I found myself holding Spencer on the couch as he slept, just staring at his perfect little features. Daily, I find myself pinpointing things that are "Jake" and those that are "Nicole," both in his features but also his personality. It's an on-going game I play. Truthfully, I hope one day it stops and I just realize that it's not his father nor I that I see, but rather, Spencer as a whole person. But for now, it's kind of fun.

As I sit and stare, playing my game, I find myself wanting a "reality check," because there's still a part of me that feels that I'm living in a dream. Realistically, I am, but it's one I'm sometimes finding myself afraid to "wake up from" and that it's not real. I let my sinner's heart get the best of me, thinking occasionally that there's no real way that God would have given me this miracle that I wanted, hoped for, and prayed about, for so long.

It's crazy to think that a little over a year ago, Spencer was nothing more than a longing. A year ago, he was inside of me. And today, he's beside me, babbling and smiling and loving on me like I'm the best thing in his world. It's just too good to be true! Yet, it is true.

I also find it mind-boggling to sit and think about his name. Spencer. We picked it. That's who he is. That's what he'll be called, forever (assuming he doesn't get all uppity and change it someday). We decided that. It's a powerful thing, a name.

I apologize if this is all haphazardly strewn together. Tonight, my thoughts (as usual) fly faster than my fingers can share them.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I think that's why I like coffee.

This afternoon, I got a wild hair, and decided to make a late afternoon baked good for Jake and I to share, as we wrap up a somewhat relaxing day of church, playing with Spencer, and cleaning. (Cleaning is the part that makes today not so totally relaxing, but hey, at least the house feels inviting and comfortable again...)
I don't have a ton of recipes lying around (they're all packed away), but I did have a Tastefully Simple boxed Cranberry Apple Cobbler mix, so I grabbed that out of the cupboard and went on my business. Of course, I added my own little flair to it (a few spices, some nuts, some oatmeal, and some caramel will be on the top) so that it's not just a boxed dessert.

I then put on a pot of coffee.

As I did, the aroma surrounded me, and wrapped me in memories of my childhood.
When I was younger, my grandmother and great-grandparents on my mother's side all had "afternoon coffee" time. I think it was probably an every day occurrence, but I can't be totally certain on that. Regardless, I remember sitting around the kitchen table at my Foster Great-Grandparents and my Flesner Great-Grandparents places when we'd visit, as the adults drank coffee and we all had some sort of pastry or other baked good.
At my grandma Leora's house, her table was in the dining room, and that's where the activity would take place.
I remember when I was older (around 10, probably) I was given the opportunity to have a cup of coffee for my cookie or cake, whatever it would be, and I felt so cool. I always loved spending the time with my aunts and mom and grandparents, so to be able to have the coffee too... well, maybe you can imagine how awesome that made me feel.

Truthfully, I didn't really like the taste of the coffee, until my aunt Deb introduced me to creamer, and grandma let me put flavored extracts in it to sweeten it up a bit.

Sitting here with my cup of (not so good) coffee, smelling the cobbler bake, I wonder... is that why I like coffee? I bet it is. Heck, if I think about it, I still don't care for the bitterness of black coffee.
I almost always had creamer (usually flavored) or milk and a shot of flavored syrup of some sort. I will admit I am an addict for Starbucks (and yes, Caribou too (because face it, they use real melted chocolate in all their drinks, and they have some really tasty variations from what Starbucks has (say Macadamia Coconut White Mocha, anyone?), sorry Robert), especially a venti Caramel Macchiato with two pumps white mocha and extra drizzle.

And really, I don't care for the aftertaste of coffee, either.

But, I like it, somehow, for some reason, and I always find myself coming back to it. It's quite possibly the acquired taste mixed with this familiarity of my comforting memories.

Man, I miss those days of camaraderie with the family. Sure, we still have them, from time to time, holidays mostly. But, it's not quite the same without the grandparents.

(The photos are mine, I took them. I probably have even more coffee cup and coffee photos somewhere... in fact, I KNOW I do. I just can't access them on my flickr.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So what if people watch.

Tonight, while I was "jamming out" to Amy Grant's "Baby, Baby" in the aisles of Hy-Vee, I realized something...

...lately, Spencer makes me "dance like nobody's watching," as the phrase goes.

Nobody but him, anyway.

I was prancing and bopping, singing and squeaking, making faces and all sorts of bizarre acts while jamming out to the tune, putting on quite a show.

Hy-Vee, mind you, was pretty darn busy.

And I didn't care. Spencer was squeaking and laughing at me. He was all about his heart-melting toothless grins. He was flashing those pretty pink gums at me, what seemed like second after second.

So what if the other shoppers occasionally glanced my way and laughed.

I just didn't care.

I tell you what, I am NOT a great dancer. I'm not a spectacular vocalist. I sure as heck am not one who likes to perform for the masses. But tonight, I might have been. I caught people looking.

The glances from others and possible judgement for being ridiculous were well worth it to hear that joyful giggle.

Just thought I'd share.

Someone just won a MUD BUTT!

Let's just say a few things before I announce the winner... partially to fill ya'll with total suspense (because I have a slightly evil side, obviously), and also to point out a few thoughts I have following the review and giveaway week!

First, I can hardly believe the amount of people who visited my blog. Over 400 visitors before I posted the blog entry after the review (I have two between the review and this winner announcement, if you're not a follower)! That blew my mind.

Second, I have a lot of friends (that I know personally) that are into cloth diapering! I didn't really realize that until I went through and read all the entries. That's SO AWESOME.

Third, I loved all the creativity that was shared with the creation of your "custom" diaper and the naming of the product. Most people went for "edible" names, but some didn't. Didn't matter either way, it was just fun to read!

Fourth, I found a common theme in people's responses to cloth diapering, which I'm sure many are avidly aware of, such as (and I'm paraphrasing)... "Ew! Poop! What do you do with it?!" or "Isn't that a lot of work?" as well as "Cloth diapers nowadays are SO MUCH MORE AWESOME than they used to be! You don't have to stab at a baby anymore!" Haha. I've personally heard all of those sorts. I hadn't heard, unlike some entrant, anything about people refusing to watch my baby! You poor thing!

Fifth, there sure are a lot of M&M Butt Fans out there! I'm glad ya'll like my creation!

Anyway... onto the winner announcement.

I had FOURTY entries. 40! WOW! In one week even! Woohooo!

1. Rachel F.
2. Jessica
3. Abbie E.
4. Gina
5. Cathy
6. Ashley W.
7. Courtney
8. Rosie H.
9. Christi H.
10. Stephanie
11. Christina
12. Kate B.
13. Katie F.
14. Audra
15. Aleia
16. Boise W.
17. Randi H.
18. Mary T.
19. Jessica C.
20. Mandy R.
21. Naomi C.
22. Cassie B.
23. Rachel N.
24. Amanda B.
25. Niki L.
26. Ashley S.
27. Rachel
28. Jill
29. JaTon L.
30. Jenn E.
31. Lisa H.
32. Jaimie K.
33. Jodi
34. Krystal M.
35. Lauren
36. Samantha H.
37. Kami Q.
38. Narelle G.
39. Devin R.
40. Sandy S.

So, here's how I chose the winner (still stalling, I know...):
I copied that list and pasted it in the List Randomizer at
See that here:

Then, I clicked "Randomize."

I got this list....

(If you click on those, you can probably see the bigger versions, which means you'd be able to read the entire list and the order in which people "would win" if there were "places" for the contest.)
Which means...

You win!! Congratulations!
Ashley's design was Dark Brown PUL with Lime Green and Orange Snaps.
She calls it.... "Fin Spin," after her son, Finley!
I'll be sending Carrie at Mud Butt Cloth Diapers your entry right now!

Thanks for participating, everyone, and I hope you had fun flexing your creative muscle! And, don't be discouraged. If you're a "liker" of Mud Butt Cloth Diapers on Facebook, chances are you'll be able to participate in another giveaway in not "too long" a time-frame! Or, you could just save up for a week and buy one. Trust me, I really don't think you'll be disappointed!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Cake Lady's Granddaughter.

Tonight, Jillian and I were asked by her husband, Robert, to make a few big sheet cakes for Starbuck's birthday/anniversary and new logo launch celebration tomorrow.

Jillian did the baking and the preliminary frosting, and I did the design and piping- freehanded, of course.

It was a wonderful time, though, with two infants, it sure took a while!

It was really the first time I did an "extensive" decorating since I did with my grandmother, way back when, when she still had the full use of her hands to decorate cakes.

In high school, the cafeteria ladies once asked me "are you the cake lady's granddaughter?"

My grandmother was the cake lady in Lamberton. So, yes, yes I was.

And I still am.

Working on these cakes with Jillian really brought back a ton of fantastic memories. I used to help my grandma with children's cakes, wedding cakes, graduation cakes, you name it. My first cakes were children's cakes, the kind you filled in with the "star" tip like pointillism paintings. They were sore-hand-inducing fun!

Jillian and I were talking today about the possibility of taking cake decorating classes. Now, after reliving the fun I had with my grandmother so long ago, an art form she taught me that I have not forgotten, I really would like to.

Friday, March 4, 2011


This post will be pretty vague at times, I must forewarn.

Lately, as in, the past few days, I've been torn.

Someone who was once a good person will no longer be on this earth, shortly.

Now, I'm not one to say that this person is a bad person, really.

They've done some very, very bad things.

But, as a Christian, I've found it's not really my place to judge.

But I do judge, I can't help it, it seems. I repent and pray, but sometimes, I have to admit, I falter and I judge.

Maybe this person has made peace with God. I do not know. I never will, and I guess, that's okay, though, I really wish I could know.

When this person is gone, I am not sure how I will feel. Will I weep? If I do, will it be because of a loss in my life? Or will it just be out of sorrow for the loss in the family members lives? I know I will weep for them. Despite the bad things this person has done in the past, the person definitely did great things, too, including bringing family into the world. Family that I love dearly. So, for that, at least, I am grateful. And to know that the family will be losing someone does break my heart. Though, I am not sure how all of the family feels about it, either. But I guess that is okay, too. It's not always my place to know everything.

Sometimes, I wish I knew nothing.

I really don't know.

I just don't know.

I do know that I do not wish this person to suffer. I do not have it in my heart for that.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Official Mud Butt Cloth Diaper Review & Give-Away!

Mud Butt Cloth Diapers... ever heard of them?

Click here to visit the Mud Butt Cloth Diaper site!

I came upon Mud Butts via a close friend of mine. She had been using cloth diapers for her children for a few years, and told me of these wonderful diapers, made by a Work at Home Mom (WAHM) in Minnesota. Her name is Carrie.

When our son was born in November, we were already stocking up cloth diapers to use once we were able. (We were waiting for him to heal up from a circumcision, and we also had a ton of newborn disposable diapers we were given before his birth.) We stocked up on various types: NuBunz, Sweet Doll Baby, Fuzzi Bunz, Thirsties Duo, and Charlie Banana. Of course, seeing as how cloth diapering can be pretty addicting, I was always looking at diapers... and as I said, came upon Mud Butts!

I placed my first order in December (I think). I ordered three diapers. I fell in love with them and ordered three more. My husband exclaimed one night, "It's official, the Mud Butts are my favorite!" so, I took it upon myself to order more.

(The photo to the right up here is one of our newest, I call it "Ninja Butt!" (Our sons nickname is the Little Ninja, and Carrie was so awesome as to make the diaper for us.)

Now, Mud Butt Cloth diapers are winning for the most of one type in our stash. In fact, I sold the NuBunz and Sweet Doll Baby, and packed away the Thirsties Duo as soon as SJ outgrew them to make way for Mud Butts!

(This one, to the left, is another of our newest. It's the M&M Butt! I am in love with this diaper!

Anyway... )

Here's what you should know about Mud Butt Cloth Diapers:

  • - They come in two types, Pocket and All-in-Two (AI2). A pocket diaper, for those who don't know, is the type you stuff the inside of with an insert. An AI2 diaper is one that has a snap-in insert that attaches to the outer layer of the pocket (still inside the diaper), but also affords the luxury of stuffing an insert inside if you so choose. An AI2 can be used multiple times if it doesn't get too dirty/wet when your child voids, which means less diaper laundry (or less PUL covers used, anyway).
  • - They come with two insert choices, Zorb/Microfiber or Bamboo/Microfiber. They are both soft, flexible, and super absorbant. The Bamboo/Microfiber comes prepped and ready to use, which means Carrie has washed it six or so times to get the natural oils out, so you don't have to! Bonus!
  • - They come in two sizes , regular, and Mighty (made a bit larger for bigger babies and toddlers).
  • - They come in two fabric options, prints and solids.
  • - While she offers some "in-stock" diapers, the majority of her diapers are custom orders. That, my friends, is one of my favorite aspects of Mud Butts! This means you get to create your own diapers! You choose the pul (the outer fabric) color or print. You choose the snap colors. You choose the type (Pocket/AI2) and the size (regular/Mighty). You choose the insert type and how many you want. Voila!
  • - They're created swiftly! Generally, tis' a two week wait. Sure, that sounds long when you're excited, but they're custom made, remember, and Carrie has two children that she's home with!
  • - They're trim. They're not as "fluffy" on the back end as some others, such as Fuzzi Bunz, which is a delight if you're, say, trying to squeeze a fluffy bottom into pants that are a little snug on a cloth diaper.
  • - They have a great all-around fit. When I asked my husband what is his favorite thing about Mud Butts, he said "The way they FIT! It's FANTASTIC!" (That's a direct quote, I just asked him.)
  • - They're super afforable! For a custom diaper, paying around $20 per diaper is a steal, I'd say!
  • - Carrie has excellent customer service. Seriously. She's like, a wizard, in my opinion. She answers all my cloth diaper questions related to the Mud Butts, but also other sorts of cloth diaper questions, such as laundry, soaking, stripping, you name it.
  • - Her diapers come with thigh savers. They're little covers for the inside of the snaps that, when your baby grows, end up pressing into their cute little thighs! Normally, I'd feel bad about this, but Carrie saves the day! Snap these on, and no red marks! And, they stay on in the wash. They come complimentary with your diaper.
  • - They fit most babies approximately 8-35 pounds. We started using them on Spencer at 9 pounds. The Mighty Mud Butt fits a child 18+ pounds.
  • - If you're expecting a baby, she has gift registry option! Woohoo!
  • - They are easy to clean poop off of. Seriously, so far, I've noticed that with or without my diaper sprayer, Spencer's poop comes off the AI2 inserts much easier than the inside of any pocket diaper that I've found. That's a total perk if you don't really want to "deal" with the poop so much!

We use the AI2s. We've been able to use them up to three times, if our little guy doesn't poo in them, which is totally slick. And, the change for inserts is fast, so it doesn't take much time at all. I have, for the sake of being able to say I have and review it, used it also as a pocket diaper. It's just trim and wonderful.

Personally, the Zorb inserts are my favorite. I feel like they hold a bit more, and are a little more flexible than the Bamboo, but that might be my imagination. My only complaint with the Bamboo is they seem to take a little bit longer to dry.

I really have nothing negative to say about Mud Butts! I haven't had any real issues with them, though... I had someone at church not know how to change the diaper and somehow, the insert was up my child's back, as I realized when I got home and his back was soaked in pee. But, that's totally nothing wrong with the diaper. Haha.

And... now that you've read all that.... It's....


Yup, that's right. One lucky reader will win a Custom Solid Color Mud Butt Diaper! You choose the PUL color and snap options, the AI2/Pocket, the Zorb/Bamboo insert, and it shows up at your house! YAY!

Here's how to enter:
  • Reply to this blog post. (Hopefully, you've read all my babble, but I won't make you take a quiz or anything.) You MUST include your first name, your email address, and the following:
PUL COLOR CHOICE (one solid color)
(you can click those)

What would you name your creation? Generally, Carrie names hers after foods and desserts. Come up with something scrumptious!

What's is the usual response you hear when you tell people you cloth diaper (or are going to)?

  • "Like" Mud Butt Cloth Diapers on facebook. (If you don't like the diapers, why would you want one!? Haha.)
  • Note: If you've won a Mud Butt Giveaway contest any time in the last six months, please be curteous and allow others to enter instead! You can still respond and answer the questions, if you'd like. I really have no way of monitoring who has won in the past, so I trust that you'll be honorable.
That's it! One week from today (March 8, 2011, 7:00pm-ish), I will go to and it will select a winner from the entrants. I'll give your information to Carrie, and she'll work on your diaper. That's as easy as it is.

I won't make you "follow" or "like" or "subscribe" to my blog just to enter. Face it, I hate doing that for contests, so why would I make you? Of course, I won't complain if you do because you like reading what I have to say, but it will not get you extra credit entries or anything for the giveaway.