Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's "A Happy Green Life!" {Review/Giveaway}

Image borrowed from the product website.

I have been given the wonderful opportunity by one of my new, favorite all-natural laundry wash creators to review and giveaway their product!

A Happy Green Life was created in 2012 by Kristin Ward & Amanda Wucher-Aller. Amanda & Kristin are two Stay-At-Home-Moms who are on a mission, to "provide you with products that make living a green life easy in the modern world." They also want to "educate people about how easy it is to help the environment and minimize their household budget."

They are working on adding a plethora of green products to their line-up. Most of the products they offer currently are made by them, but there are some that are created by other small businesses across the U.S.

You can find more specific information (including FAQs, Washing Instructions, and Tips & Tricks) and their various products on their website,, and tips for living a happy green life at their blog,

And now, onto my experience living a more happy, green life, using the all-natural laundry wash.

As many of you may know (or at least my repeat readers, family, and friends), my husband and I decided, before our son Spencer was born in November 2010, that we would use cloth diapers on his little bitty bum. We decided this would be a great saving financially, would be healthier for him, and for the environment, too. We love our cloth diapers (for the record, we only use Mud Butt Cloth Diapers (and she is one of the many retailers of the laundry wash)), despite the fact that of course, they mean you have to wash a couple extra loads of laundry a week. (I know the laundry aspect is a deterrent for some people, but it's not been a bother to us.)

There are so many options out there for cloth diaper "friendly/safe" detergents. We've tried our share, from Rockin' Green, to Charlie's Soap, to Clean B, to Irish Twins, to name a few. Last month, we tried A Happy Green Life. (I say "we," although, usually, I wash the diapers, since I am a SAHM now.)

I was impressed.

I chose to use the scent called "Bite Me" to wash our Mud Butts. According to the AHGL website, Bite Me is describe like this: "fresh citrus notes of lime and orange sparkle with effervescent highlights as they lead to a luscious blend of berry and cherry in this playful scent. Leafy green accents add intensity as a base of vanilla creates sweet tones for the fragrance."

(I haven't mentioned this yet, but just reading their scent list on the website when choosing the scents I would review had me drooling!)

I will guiltily admit that I had neglected diaper laundry for a few extra days before washing them with the Bite Me wash, and they were pretty raunchy smelling when I finally got them into the washer. (For the record, we use an old top loader and hard water, but the all-natural laundry wash can be used in HE machines and soft water, too!) My diaper washing regimine goes as follows:
- one cold/cold wash/rinse cycle to get all the yuckies off. No detergent.
- one hot/cold/cold wash/rinse/extra rinse cycle. I use detergent here.
I know other people's varies, but that's how I've done mine.

Because the weather was kind of cold and icky, and we don't have a clothesline anyway, I then tumbled dried the diapers and covers on no-heat (using two Bouncing Woolies dryer balls).

When the diapers were dry, I took them out and performed the "sniff test." For those who may not cloth diaper (or sniff test), it's simple. I stuck my nose in the clean diapers and sniffed away. Fortunately, there were no ammonia odors, and in fact, they smelled very... fresh. They didn't necessarily have a lingering "Bite Me" scent (to be expected, I presume, since I do an extra rinse), but they definitely did NOT smell foul. They were clean. They felt clean. They looked clean. They smelled clean! The detergent didn't really "suds up" which I liked, because it seems like the more suds, the longer you have to rinse your diapers to get them really clean and completely rinsed (so there is no build-up).

A Happy Green Life passed my Mud Butt cleansing test! Yes!!

I also had the liberty of choosing a second scent to test out. I chose "Manly Man," and decided to use it for my husband's work clothes. He's a Schwan's man, and while it's not a "dirty" job, he sweats, he meets tons of dogs, and gets dirty sometimes, being in and out of the truck, the outdoors, and homes, for 14 or more hours a day, 4 to 5 days a week. I figured his clothes were a great test subject, right? Manly Man, on the website, is described as: Energizing citrus notes mixed with subtle touches of clean, classic rose petals, infused with smoldering notes of frankincense and myrrh. Cashmere woods, sandalwood, and sensual musks bring this rugged creation to a finish with a soft powdery, dry, down." Now, don't freak when you read "rose petals." It did NOT smell girly. In fact, I thought it smelled so excellent that I kind of wanted to surprise my husband and just throw it on him so I could sniff him a while.

Alas, I decided not to "waste" the detergent that way, and proceeded to wash the Schwan's clothes. I did a normal "warm/warm" wash/rinse with the sample packet of Manly Man. I dried on low-heat with the Bouncing Woolies, and I sniffed. There were some lingering notes of the detergent (yay!) but hardly enough to be overpowering or even really noticeable if you weren't looking for them. My husband approved of the clean work clothes, though he didn't say anything about the scent (because I honestly forgot to ask, dangit). But, A Happy Green Life passed the working man's clothing test! Yes!

I was a lucky lady and won another sample pack from Mud Butt Cloth Diapers, and they came in the mail yesterday. I haven't used them yet, but golly, they smell great, and I can't wait to wash again!

Now, would you like to win? I bet you would. I would if I wasn't hosting!

The prize: A 3-Scent Sample Pack of All-Natural Laundry Wash!

Here's what you MUST DO to enter:

Comment on this blog entry, ALL IN ONE COMMENT SPACE with
  1. First Name
  2. Email Address
  3. 3 Scents you'd choose if you won the sample pack
  4. "Like" their Facebook Page and tell them "Handkerchief Confessions" sent you. I'll be checking!
  5. AND answer the following, "What's your least favorite laundry-related chore?"
Please do NOT comment more than once. Multiple entries will be deleted. So, make certain you have all five parts in your reply. It might help to number them!

I will choose a winner via next Sunday after I get home from church. Entries posted after 12:00pm CST on Sunday, March 25, will NOT count.

Contest open to U.S. and Canadian residents.

Scents list is found here:

You don't have to like or follow my blog (Handkerchief Confessions), but if you feel like you want to, there's a link to the right for my blog's Facebook page.

Giveaway starts NOW, and ends promptly at 12:01am one week from today.

Good luck!!


  1. 1. Rachel
    2. sincerelyrachel @ gmail [dot] com
    3. 4 leaf clover, baby bee (love me some grapefruit), doodle bug
    [but, omg, they all sound absolutely amazing!]
    4. I did this but tagged you instead of your blog :)
    5. I can't stand having to lug the laundry up and down the stairs :/ It's such a deterrent. I mean it's bad enough to have to spend time at the laundromat, but the added insult is lugging this stuff around!

  2. 1. Jenn
    3. Blackberry Bling Bling, Irish Mocha, Lemongrass Kiwi
    4. I'm already a fan of "A Happy Green Life"
    5. I pretty much don't like any part of doing laundry, which is why my better half has taken over that chore but specifically I don't like folding everything.

  3. 1. Mary
    2. mary at maryhorowitz dot com
    3. 4 leaf clover, green irish tweed, and rain barrel
    4. Done
    5. Hate putting it away!

  4. 1. Alanna
    3. White Peach and Silk Blossoms, Pink Sugar, and Lavender Apple
    4. Ok! ;-)
    5. Getting stink out of cloth diapers :-(

  5. 1. Linda
    3. Love spell, monkey farts and pink sugar
    4. I am already a fan but will do this after my post here
    5. I think the worst part for me is lugging it all upstairs and putting the laundry away.

  6. 1. Brittney
    2. babybensmama at yahoo dot com
    3. Baby Bee, Lavender Apple, and Fruit Slices
    4. FB- Brittney Minor
    5. I hate dusting my shutters and mopping!

  7. 1. Amanda
    3. Rain Barrel, Manly Man, Irish Mocha
    4. Already a fan but left them a message :) FB: Amanda Daye
    5. Putting it the time I have collected, sorted, washed, dried, and folded I am done. I can't stand them having to return it to it's rightful place.

  8. 1. Tarah
    3. Bite Me, Lavendar Apple, Paradise Reef.
    4. Done.
    5. I actually enjoy laundry, EXCEPT mating socks.

  9. 1. Karalynn
    3. Paradise Reef, Bite Me, & White Peach & Silk Blossoms
    4. Done
    5. I hate folding/ hanging laundry & dragging it to the laundromat.

  10. 1. Melinda Ciaccia
    3. Rain Barrel, Monkey Farts, Love Spell
    4. Already liked them but left a comment
    5. Putting it away! We're too broke to buy dressers so there is just nowhere to put anything. It's like solving a puzzle every time I do laundry. But folding it is nice when there is a scent to smell =)

  11. 1. Deanna
    2. deanna519 at yahoo dot com
    3. Sooo hard to choose...but I would go with Love Spell, Baby Bee, and Blackberry Bling Bling
    4. Done :)
    5. Probably washing puke out of bedding....that's what we're doing this morning....not a fan :(

  12. 1. BobbieSue
    3. Easter Bunny Burps, Manly Man, and Monkey Farts (purly because of the name)
    5. Due to my disability all of the laundry duities are my least favorite. Between loading the washer dislocating my elbows, loading the dryer dislocating my ribs and unloading the dryer dislocating my collar bone, all of it is something I hate doing :-/
    Hope you pick me!