Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Collin

Dear Ollie Bear,

I can hardly believe that it was three years ago early tomorrow morning that you entered the world, so quietly, and your father and I learned we were parents to another wonderful baby boy. Those first few days you hardly made a sound, and snuggled against us endlessly.

Here you are, now a beautiful little firecracker three-year-old, whose deep brown eyes have started turning green with the most gorgeous lashes I've ever seen, and the sweetest blonde hair.

In some ways, you're still so much like that newborn. You're still a cuddler sometimes, and you are definitely still stubborn. Everything is done on your own time. You're much more boisterous now though, one of the noisier of my babies.

This past year hasn't been an easy one on any of us. You have gone through so many drastic changes. I am sorry that your world has been shaken as much as it has. There are some things that remain constant though. Most importantly of them all, I think, is that my love for you deepens each day. 

Collin, you bring so much joy into my life. You always have. This past year I have watched you blossom from a little toddler into a little boy. Your vocabulary has expanded exponentially, and you say things that make me laugh so hard. I love that every so often, you speak in a British accent, or that you get so excited to sing along with some of your favorite songs, "Impossible" and "Soul on Fire" that you sing at the top of your lungs words that are not really words, and then you proclaim "Look! I'm dancing!"

Your smile can light up a room, little buddy, and it does daily. Your beautiful eyes smile when you laugh. 

Your imagination runs wild and I adore listening to you play. Some days, you're a puppy, others a "row-shus" cat. You love playing cars, trains, fire trucks, and "BigJet." As much as it drives me nuts when you empty the entire book shelf at least once a day, I love seeing you reading books. Sometimes, I just sit and watch you get lost in their pages.

I love how you run to not only me at the end of the day, but to your siblings, and give the biggest hugs. You taught your sister how to hug, you know. 

Your little heart may have been hurt this year in big ways, and for that, I apologize. However, I have seen your little heart swell with such deep love for me, your sister and brother, and others in ways I never dreamed possible through the journey. It makes my heart ache with pure joy when I hear the love and excitement in your voice as you run to see your favorite people in the world. 

My heart bursts with pride at nighttime prayer, when you ask God to bless your mommy, daddy, sister, brother, grandmas, grandpas, and your best friends by name.

I am so blessed to call you my own, to have the privilege of raising you, and to be the recipient of your unadulterated love.

Happy Birthday, Ollie. 
Mommy loves you.

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