Thursday, June 10, 2010

Un-Revealing Morning.

This morning, Jake and I had an ultrasound scheduled. It was actually the fetal anatomical screening, where they measure... most everything.

I was looking forward to this ultrasound more than some of you can probably imagine... because... today was the day I was supposed to find out if we're having a son or a daughter!

When we started the ultrasound (and for almost 45 minutes after) baby kept putting his/her hands and feet up by the face, and was in prime position to find out the sex. Unfortunately, the ultrasound technician didn't seem to notice or care, and then she made me get up and move around so the baby would move and she could see the spine. Well, with that, baby moved all four limbs down to between the legs, and covered the area that would let me know if I should buy pink or blue. The technician tried to get baby to move, but baby refused (hey, who could blame, s/he had his/her legs and hands up by the face for a long time just waiting to give away the secret, and probably got pretty tired) to move, and we had to leave not knowing.

Now, Jake doesn't want to know until the birth, but he really wanted me to be able to know, simple because I wanted to know. So, we were both pretty disappointed, and actually pretty annoyed with the technician who should have just looked for that right away while it would have been clear as day.

The technician said I can probably have another ultrasound in a month or so and she could try again. So we'll see.

But in happy ultrasound news, everything else looks great! Tech said that baby has long legs (which isn't surprising since Jake is 6'5"). We saw both hands, both feet, fingers, and toes. Baby was yawning occasionally, which melted my heart. We also watched it kick and punch back at the ultrasound wand thing, which was pretty cute.

The heart has all four chambers, and was beating at 158 beats per minute this time. The umbilical cord, placenta, and blood vessels are all functioning properly. The stomach, kidneys, and bladder are all forming properly, and the brain too! So, baby is healthy, and right on track for growth! So that, at least, was totally worth seeing.

In unrelated news, all of Wendell and Vivian's second litter of puppies have found homes. It's been stressful, going from having 2 dogs, to 10, and then the dwindling numbers back down to 1. I had been feeling pretty emotional since not all of them had found people to love them as much as I would, but luckily, today, they all have. It's quite a relief. Hopefully, Wendell will behave a little better now, too.

Okay, I'm going to go for now. Hopefully, sooner than later, I'll have something un-related to pregnancy to talk about so you all don't get bored.


PS: Crotch is a funny word.


  1. haha. it is a funny word, and i also hate your ultrasound tech. because she sounds dumber than shit and well.. all said. cant wait till your next post. and we dont get bored hearing about the miricle :D

  2. That's too bad you didn't get to find out the sex. I'll bet you get another u/s though, you've already had a zillion of them, I can't imagine they'd stop now! Glad to hear all is well with the baby!