Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's a Boy!

The secret is out.

We're going to be having a son this fall (hopefully late October/early November)! We're absolutely elated.

I don't feel bad. I felt bad when I let the secret slip to Jake.

Yesterday, I was at work, and a 3 year-old informed me that my baby was taking my first name as it's last name. The child's lead teacher had told her that I had a baby in my tummy, and she asked the name. So I told her, and she said something along the lines of "So, his name is ****** Nicole." I asked why, and she informed me that my baby had to have a last name!

I came home from work and updated my facebook status to say that a 3 year-old told me that my baby was going to have my first name as it's last name.

The first response was, "hahaha! That's funny!"

The second was from my dear husband, who did not realize what he had said, until I pointed it out to him 14 hours later, after I had logged into facebook and saw the excitement unfolding after it. He said, "so.... Spencer Nicole it is? Well... it could be worse."

Yes, he had let the name slip, along with it, the sex of our first child.

I got the giggles really badly, and barged into the bathroom asking him, "Do you know what you did 14 hours ago!?" I told him and then told him he had better call and tell his parents before someone else did.

So, the secret, as I said before, is out. I thought I'd be more bummed, but I'm not, at all.

In other news, as I don't know if I've said this before, you can see my belly move when he kicks or punches. It's crazy cool. And I'm 24 weeks along today.


  1. I tried to cover for him, with a "... or a girls' name..." but it was much too late for that. It is funny that you both let the secret out. But you only told him. He told all of Facebook.

  2. Yes, I think slipping up on FB is a bigger slip-up that just saying something verbally, because you kind of have to think about what you're writing...I still can't believe he didn't even realize he had done it! But I'm never telling you guys any secrets again. LOL

  3. I'm with Randi. No more secrets for you guys. But it is a funny story. I especially enjoy picturing you bursting into the bathroom in a fit of giggles and trying to be all fierce about what he did. Lol