Monday, July 5, 2010

(Not so much) Golf Queen.

In honor of Independence Day, or rather... it being a day when both Jake and I were at home and had no plans, my dear husband took me out on a date day.

We started off at home, naturally, and were pretty lucky that Tarah (my cousin), made breakfast for everyone. It was delicious! After, I got all purdied up... well, maybe not, but I did wear a skirt and straighten my hair.

Jake took us first to Barnes and Noble. We like to go there and just peruse books, find something that strikes our fancy on any given day, enjoy a little Starbucks treat, and chat. Today, I looked at books of Ireland, as I have a strong desire to go there sometime.

We shared a piece of white chocolate raspberry Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. Superbly delicious!

We spent a short time shopping at Wal-Mart for a few necessities, and driving around town with the windows rolled down in his truck, which, despite my lack of passion for driving the truck, and the fact that I'm not a huge fan of the bumpy ride, I quite enjoy. I think I mentioned on my old blog how riding in his truck reminds me of one of my favorite songs, "Power Windows," by Billy Falcon.

We then went out for dinner at my favorite restaurant, Hu Hot Mongolian Grill.

Then, we went to the new theater in town to see a movie... only... we couldn't decide on any to see that were within an hour of the time in which we arrived (we didn't plan ahead), and so we just looked at the marquee a while and left. I think the people at the box office probably thought we were nuts, but hey, no big deal. After calling the other theaters in town and realizing they had basically the exact same shows at the exact same time, we gave up the movie idea.

Then, the best surprise of the day... Thunder Alley! Yay! It's a place with Go-Karts, Human Foosball, some other stuff... and my favorite activity there... MINI GOLF!

I've noticed I often start off a round of mini golf really strong. And then.. the second hole, and each consecutive... not so good. But I tell you what, regardless of my score, I thoroughly enjoy it! Jake totally kicked my butt, of course, both rounds. I did better the second round by 15 whole points, which was fantastic, and got a hole in one! The only downsides to the mini-golf: mosquitoes, and my skirt. Yeah... squatting down to get my ball was probably a treat for anyone who happened to be looking. Of course, I didn't realize it right away, so the entire first round I was more than likely (at least almost) flashing whomever was in the area. Ah well.

I am pretty sure I laughed more today (for various, mostly unknown to me now, reasons) than I have in the entire previous week. I do remember laughing hysterically when I told him one of the theaters in town reminded me of the movie musical Zanadu which I think is a horrible excuse for entertainment, and he loves it. And, I told him how Robert Pattinson is not only creepy, but not hot, at all... unless you count that he's hotter than Richard Simmons. But beyond that, not so sure what I thought was funny. I just know the day was great.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous day. I still think that Robert Pattinson is more dirty than ugly, and if you cleaned him up he would probably be fairly presentable. Definitely better than Richard Simmons. One of my friends met Richard Simmons on a cruise once. They found out where his room was and stalked him until he came out and asked if they were following him and invited them into his room and gave them presents. I know, totally random. The end.

    PS WR is barferch. WTF?

  2. I <3 Barnes & Noble. And Hu Hot. Maybe this means we should be friends. Of course, I've only been to Hu Hot once. But I will again, someday. I've also only been mini-golfing once. The End.