Monday, May 9, 2011

First Mother's Day

This is going to be just a "daily recap" sort of blog. That's my forewarning.

I had an (overall) wonderful first official Mother's Day! (I say official because I was pregnant last year.)

I got up early because Spencer was screaming, afraid of the thunderstorm. By "got up" I mean I woke up, and didn't get out of bed until Jake's best friend, Brian, and his girlfriend, Cari, were about to leave and informed me that I had a gift to receive. (It was a humorous picture book- I Haz a Hotdog).
I took a nice long (7 minute!), hot, Mother's Day shower as a treat to myself, and then realized I wasn't going to make it to the 10am church service with Jake (who does lights) because I was still in a robe and Spencer wasn't close to being ready either, and Jake was "late" and had to run out the door. So, I cried on the couch for six minutes (roughly), realizing how I'm tired of going to church alone, and sitting alone, Sunday after Sunday (or the Sundays that Robert or Jillian don't sit by me), while Jake does lights for the service. Then, I felt guilty wanting him to be with me at church because he likes doing lights. So, I cried.

Went to the 11:30 service at church, and sat by myself, of course. I started crying halfway through the service, actually, again, and then shortly after, my hero of a husband came and sat by me for a little while as there was a break in the "lights necessity" of the service. That warmed my spirits up. Following the service, we socialized with a few people, and realized that Spencer was basically dressed as a miniature version of the worship/creative arts pastor. He had on a plaid button up (of the exact same patter and design, just different color), blue jeans, and chucks (sneakers). I don't think Hal shops for himself at Children's Place, but you'd almost think it with how they matched. Haha.

After church, Jake took Spencer and I out for sushi again! I LOVE sushi! Spencer, turns out, loves steamed rice with teriyaki sauce, as well as ice water from a straw (poured from the straw into his mouth).

Jake then surprised me with a nook color! YAY! I had just sent him a text the day prior saying something along the lines of "every time I come to B&N I want a nook more badly." He said, "save up your paychecks and get one."
What a sneak.

So, I was quite delighted with that surprise.

Came home to charge the nook, work on some household chores, change Spencer's diaper and clothes (I didn't, Jake did, which was kind of a bummer because under his plaid shirt he was wearing his "I <3 MOMMY" shirt (but then changed into "My Mommy Rocks")) because he had a little accident, and then Spencer and Jake took a nap while I... did not nap. I do not remember what I did.

Following nap time, we went to Starbucks to use their wi-fi to set up my nook, as well as learn how to use my new cell phone, an HTC Aria. Unicel (our current provider) is switching to AT&T sometime this decade (we've been waiting MONTHS for this to actually happen) and we got new free phones. I enjoyed two beverages, and then we came home.
Jake fed Spencer, gave him a bath, and put him to sleep. Then, we watched "Napoleon Dynamite," and I fell asleep two minutes or so before it was finished. Then, I went to bed (more or less, after getting up hearing Spencer cry, doing some dishes, putting away laundry, and having a sleep-deprived, exhausted cry (which is kind of embarassing to admit)).

Here's a photo of the three of us at Starbucks, taken with my new phone, on my very first Mother's Day.
I love my little family of three (and a half, if you count a beagle as half a person).

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  1. Sounds like a good day! I sit by myself at church most Sundays, and it sucks, so I put my arm over the next chair and pretend Jesus is sitting there. He is always sitting by me. Or on my lap.