Thursday, March 21, 2013

Simple Joys Today

After a weekend with no "time off" (Jake worked both days) it felt like, missing a MOPS the Friday before, and then having two days in a row with cancelled play and mommy dates, I got out of bed this morning on the verge of exhausted tears.

I do, in part, blame hormones associated with breast feeding and weaning from that, so I feel I should cut myself some slack.

But, part of it is just average grumpiness and slight disappointment in the events of the week.

So, in hopes of turning it all around, I re-read my prior post (I think it's a good one, read for yourself), and decided I am going to list ten simple joys from today.

Yes. I've only been up five hours, but here we go, thinking on ten, and they will be in no particular order.

1. Despite being woke early, repeatedly, to an alarm and then grumpy baby- I got to consciously cuddle up in the warm bed for a few hours.
2. After Jake left for work, I also got to snuggle with Spencer, who, as he does most mornings, threw himself in bed beside me.
3. I had friends awake at 7:30am who could text me back when I was looking for an outlet to vent.
4. Spencer didn't drop any cereal on the floor at breakfast.
5. I'm wearing fuzzy socks, and I love fuzzy socks.
6. I woke up with a hankering to watch "Troop Beverly Hills," for no real reason, and when I logged into Facebook after I decided I would during nap time, a friend had coincidentally posted an image from the movie and I got a nice little giggle.
7. I was able to go to the bathroom without toddler company earlier.
8. A blogging site social networker told me she thinks my blog is beautiful and asked me to import it there (so now this can be read on blogger and flophouse).
9. Spencer and Collin were both laughing at me while I danced to "Blues Clues."
10. I used to have one coffee mug I loved, and then Jenn gave me another and after I broke a different mug, I scored three more in the same style as the one Jenn gave me, and so I have four cute coffee mugs to choose from. The fact that I'm torn between which to use today is a refreshing "simple" problem to have.

I did it! And I could list more, but Collin is fussing and likely wants to eat so I am going to go relish one of these very few last times I am able to nurse him.

Anyone else have ten simple joys today?

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