Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Not on my watch.

Lately, things have been pretty crazy around here. With starting a new job and such, we are all learning to adjust to new ways of life.

And I've been learning more lately about what it means to do things according to my plan, versus God's plan.

My plan changes from time to time, admittedly. I like to think I have a pretty decent understanding of things and what would be smart decisions and what kind of things we should strive for now and what we should hold off on.

But it seems like, which, truthfully I know but honestly forget, I'm not really as "in the know" as I try to deceive myself into believing.

More details later, but lets just say that my plans and God's plans are very different sometimes, now being one of those times, and I'm finding myself needing to lay down my arms and embrace what he has in store. I need to worry about it a little less and lean on Him a little more.

If you've a few prayers to spare, I wouldn't mind them being offered up on my behalf.

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