Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy First Birthday, Ollie.

Oh, my sweet baby boy, how this year has flown by. You waited so long to meet us, and it seemed like the thirteen days between your due date and your birth day drug on forever.

And somehow with your birth, time sped up again. You could hold your head up for minutes at a time, the day after you were born. You scooted, sat, crawled, and walked early. You were smiling early.  You try so hard to be so big and brave, to do as much as you can. This year has sped by.

At 2:11am on September 1, 2012, you entered the world. 

You arrived without a complaint. You barely squeaked when they knocked your heels. The first days of your life were so calm. You barely cried for five minutes total the entire hospital stay, and to this day, remain the happiest baby (overall, though you are perfecting the art of a great dramatic cry) I have ever met.

I was nervous I would be able to love you as much as I love your older brother, but never once has it been an issue. In fact, I think I love you each even more than I ever imagined. 

 Spencer calls you his best friend, you know. You two make me laugh so hard I cry, and my heart just overflows with love. 

Happy Birthday, Collin Liam. Never doubt how much you are loved.

You bring your entire family such joy.


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