Friday, August 13, 2010

Adventures of my Tailbone.

Last Saturday, I woke up and had an inclination that a cyst I had thought to have been rid of last month was sneaking back into my life. My husband agreed, but neither of us thought much more about it.

Come Saturday night, lying on the couch, I knew for certain it was returning.

Three times before this past week, I have had this severely painful, swollen lump at the end of my tailbone. When I was at the doctor in July, it was present, and it actually burst while I was in the middle of my appointment. It hurt like hell, bled, required antibiotics, and a surgical consult. They said that they would want to surgically remove it under normal circumstances, but being pregnant and all, I can't lie on my stomach, so they can't. So they said to call back if it returned.

Sunday, I dealt, despite the ridiculous heat and pain (I spent a lot of the day attempting to not put any pressure on my back, and it didn't really work), I survived. I didn't sleep that night, and went to work on Monday.

By the end of the day on Monday, I didn't think I could manage it any longer. I drove the truck home in complete and total agony, yelling inside the truck to myself, crying, etc.

So, Tuesday morning, I went to the surgeon again. Since they couldn't do full surgery, he opted to inject me with a numbing substance, and open up the cyst to drain it and relieve the pressure. I tell you what though, despite he and the nurse telling me how awesome I was doing since I wasn't trembling too much and wasn't sobbing and shaking and screaming (like apparently many who have that done, do), I felt like I might pass out from pain. Luckily the shot took effect quickly.

They drained it, gave me gauze, set up a return appointment, and sent me on my way. My sister and I walked home (because I refused to drive the six blocks to the hospital due to the pain from the ride the night before, and opted to overheat instead walking in the hellish summer), and I felt great... for about an hour. Then it hurt all over again from the incision.

I dealt, I slept a little, and on Wednesday, went back to work with the pain of a sunburn on my tailbone. Not so bad. Thursday, it hurt still, not as bad again, and today, Friday, I can sit without pain (pretty much anyway). I am delighted that it worked so quickly. My body was torturing me, for pete's sake!

Speaking of riding in the truck. Yesterday, I parked the truck with the windows ALL the way down, and then there was a freakish torrential downpour that I was unprepared for. Whoops. I drove home in a soggy mess, laughing my butt off on the phone to my best friend telling her all about it, and came home to my husband... who was not as amused. I couldn't stop laughing though, regardless. It was just absolutely hilarious to me that it happened, there was nothing I could do about it, and I was drenched all over my backside, and the truck all over the inside.

Ah, good times.

So, that's a wrap, for now.

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