Friday, August 20, 2010

A Random Pictorial Account of Various Things.

Disclaimer: These pictures are not artistic in any real way, nor are they of very good quality.

The other day (two weeks ago, actually), I was digging through boxes with my sister to make room for Spencer's stuff... and I found this vinyl decal I had purchased in 2006. So, I put it in the shower, as a.. uh... reminder.. er.... just to see what Jake would say (he thought it was funny).

Alas, it wasn't a good reminder for anything. Yesterday morning, I woke early and got in the shower.. and then I proceeded to shampoo my hair three times in a row before actually grabbing the conditioner to use it. Then, I shaved my right leg twice in a row before moving onto the left leg. It was... special.

Wendell likes to hop in the shower.

Today, for work, I wore a blue t-shirt. I wanted to wear my blue flip-flops, and almost did, but then I realized I couldn't, because flip-flops aren't allowed at work. So, instead, I wore sneakers.

Moving on, instead of grabbing my breakfast off the back desk (a Schwan's toast-wich), I accidentally grabbed the rubber cement and brought that along for "breakfast." Not tasty. Don't worry, I didn't actually eat it.

I also brought my brush to work. My sister was confused, because she thought she lost it from herself all day. Haha. I'm so mean. After work, I put it back where it belongs.

My sister is in Spencer's room, where I normally take "self-portraits" for people to see how rotund I'm becoming. I made her hold the mirror. She talked the whole time.

My sister and I had to get some groceries for next week when our other sister, Allison, is here. We put them in her room so we'd make sure to keep track of them.

On Sunday, Jake, Samantha, Allison, and I are going to Wild-Water West! I'm pretty excited. I had to try on my pre-pregnancy swimsuit to make sure I wouldn't have to go in the buff and be escorted off the premises, but luckily, it, for the most part, fit just fine. It really compresses in the mid-section, so I'm sure Spencer will protest all day, but whatever.


  1. That's awesome. I never thought you could become more random. And then you got pregnant.

  2. Wondering how you mistook rubber cement for a Schwan's toast-wich...


  3. oh boy that was an off day for both of us... wow lmao