Thursday, January 6, 2011

T minus 14 Days.

In a little less than two weeks from right now, Jake and I are boarding an Airbus headed for San Diego.

I have some very contradicting feelings about this entire rendezvous.

It is a "free" trip, that Jake won through work. The highest selling Schwan's men in the country all go on this "convention" type trip. It is fun, and it is boring, too. We go to a super ritzy resort/hotel (this year the Hotel de Corona, I think, last time it was the Wynn in Vegas) and stay on Schwan's tab. Totally cool. But, we also have to sit through what seems to be countless hours of boring business meetings (sorry, Schwan's, but they're not exciting) and try really hard to focus and stay awake. It's hard to do, I promise.

We get free time, occasionally, but most of the time is occupied with Schwan's focused meetings and dinners. But, we eat most of our meals for free too, so score.

I am excited to go and very proud of Jake for winning the trip again this year. I really am. He worked HARD for this. So, naturally, I want to go in support of him.

But, I really am dreading leaving. Spencer won't even be three months old when we leave at 6:32am on Thursday, the 20th. I have only been separated from him for a matter of hours since his birth. It's going to be a huge punch in the lungs when I arrive in San Diego, baby-less, and want nothing more but to see him, hold him, and cuddle him.

Yes, we'll "get to" sleep through the night, but will I be able to? I can't say that I will.

I'm afraid I'll be spending the entire trip sad, missing him, and just in a hurry to get home.

Luckily, my mother is coming to stay with him at our place, so we don't have to pack him up and transport him elsewhere, but I worry for her, a little bit. What if he's super cranky the whole time we're gone? It's going to, I would think, be very hard on him too.

So, we leave Sioux Falls around 6:32am on the 20th, and return to Sioux Falls around 11:13pm on the 23rd.

It's going to be so hard to go.


  1. I'm Proud of Jake Too And Of Course You Too You both work so hard at what you have already accomplished in the past years , Enjoy the vacation and Spencer will be al right with Gma Anita,Eat lots and send a post card LOVE DAD*_*

  2. I will be praying super hard for all 4 of you! You are a brave woman!!