Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We love Mud Butts!

It's official. We have a favorite cloth diaper in our family, and it won with a unanimous vote (we count Spencer as agreeing with us, of course, since he can't really "talk back" yet (and hope he never does, but that's wishful thinking, I'm sure)). Jake exclaimed it to me from Spencer's room at 1:14 this morning, "It's official, the Mud Butts are my favorite!"


Yeah, this post is about cloth diapers.

Mud Butt Cloth Diapers are made by a Work at Home Mom (WAHM) in Minnesota. Here's her website. Feel free to order some for us. Haha.

Anyway, here's why we love the diaper:
  • You can design your own, it's custom! You pick the diaper color, and the snap color. FUN!

  • You can order a pocket or an All-in-Two (AI2). We order the AI2. It's super cool. You can use it as a typical pocket diaper and stuff it with an insert, which is stellar, but the primo option is the snap-in inserts. When your baby wets, you can just yank that right out (well, gently, of course) and toss it in the laundry, and then snap a fresh, dry one in it's place. You can order the inserts separate too. We've been able to use ONE diaper up to 3 times (because we can use it with two snap-ins, and sometimes I stuff a pocket insert in there too, for the third time. It's rare, but I've done it).

  • It's very absorbent. Due to the fact you can customize the stuffing so wonderfully, we've never had a leak problem and he's worn it overnight for up to 8 hours when we forgot to change him. Yeah, we're bad parents sometimes. But they were so absorbent that it didn't even bother his cute little tushy.

  • They're really easy to wash, like most cloth diapers, of course. Toss them in the laundry and throw them in the washer, and wash and dry as usual!

  • They're trim. His butt doesn't look totally bulky, even when they're snapped to the smallest settings, he doesn't get a fluffy rear. Fantastic!

  • They're affordable!

  • Customer service is EXCELLENT. Seriously. Probably one of the nicest sellers out there. I'm not saying that to suck up. I didn't know her at all before I purchased a diaper, and she was there to help me through technical difficulties with internet on my phone, answers questions about anything I come up with cloth diaper related, and has all sorts of tips. And she works hard and quickly, and your diapers come in a very timely fashion!

  • Thigh savers. This is the only cloth diaper I have found that comes with extra snap-on circles for the inside snaps on the diaper. When your baby grows, the inside snaps can press into his/her thighs, and this prevents red marks and welts or what have you that other diapers can leave from the exposed snaps digging into baby's thigh. Genius!
I honestly can't think of a reason I don't love these diapers.

We have four brands that we're using now that we've purged out those I don't like as much: Fuzzi Bunz, Thirsties Duo, and Charlie Banana. I like them all too, but I love the Mud Butts the most!

(Even our doctor commented this morning how awesome these diapers were, they're SO cute!)


  1. Awww! You rock!! Thank you sooo much. From reading your 'about you' I think we have a LOT in common girlfriend. gotta chat soon.

  2. No problem, Carrie!

    (Oh, and to anyone else reading this, I wrote this for her a surprise, just because I love the diapers that much!)