Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Now Accepting Applications:

I've decided that it would be fantastic if I could get myself a 1950's cliche housewife. Either that, or a maid.

I am very happy to be back working, spending time with my dear friend, Jillian, and her son, Grayson, (and her sister Brieanne and her husband Robert, too...) as well as providing some income for our family so I don't feel as worthless as I did while not making money.

But, it comes with a price.

Jillian and I, today, were discussing Spencer's new crying habits, and how they are probably a product of many things: ear infection (which seemed to start it all, though it was probably just the timing of that coinciding with the next parts), going to daycare, me working, and a change in our routine and schedule.

I know from experience working in an infant room that babies going to daycare for the first time have a bit of a shock and hard time adjusting (generally). I don't know why I expected that to be any different for Spencer. Just because I am going to daycare with him as a provider doesn't mean that it's different for him. He just doesn't have to adjust to a new care provider as that role is still mine. But, he does have to share my attention with others, just like those in other daycares would. He doesn't necessarily get picked up every second he cries (not that he did while I was on leave, let me tell you!), and sometimes he has to wait a little longer than usual for feedings. He has to sleep through more noise. You know, various things like that. So, that might be part (a big part) of why he's been fussier lately. I'm hoping he adjusts and gets back to his jolly little self.

Anyway, now that I'm working outside of my own home, I'm (obviously) not at our place much. So, while I divide up my attention during the day, it's just as divided at night. That means that over the course of a day now, SJ gets less of my focus than he ever has before.

That's why I decided tonight I could use a housewife or a maid.

When I come home, between oh, say 6 and 10 (sometimes I stay and visit), I not only am trying to have one-on-one quality time with my precious son, but now I have to use what little time I have left of the day to do the things I normally spread throughout the day (while giving most of my attention to Spencer and also trying to remember to eat and use the bathroom and such). So, I come home and want to just cuddle and play with him, but I also have to take the dog out, feed the dog, do the dishes, wash the clothes, clean up whatever messes are left behind, eat supper, and get ready for bed and if I'm lucky, the day to follow.

That's a lot to do on my own in a few hours.

I feel horrible letting him cry in his chair, or swing, or on the floor while I wash dishes instead. What I really want to do is lay down next to him and make him laugh and smile at me. I can't always do it. It often breaks my heart. I hate listening to him cry, knowing that he would stop if I'd just hold him. But, I can't always hold him! Ack! It's torment!

Anyway, so, I'd like to accept applications for my 1950's houswife or maid. Please provide two references and your own uniform. Thanks! Haha.

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  1. Hi Nicole,

    Saw your post and it was one I can totally relate to. After Lydia was born I spent about 6 weeks recovering from a class 3 tear, which meant a lot of time spent nursing her and playing with her on the couch or in bed. Once I was healed up, my folks slowly stopped doing a load of dishes or laundry when they came over to visit, and the daunting tasks of keeping up a house AND taking the best care of Lydia surfaced.

    Here are some things that helped me bridge the gap:
    I kept Lydia close in a Snuggli, or my LoveyDuds (similar to a Moby) wrap.
    Once she was able to hold her head up well, we got a Bumbo seat and I put her close to whatever I was doing, and let her 'help' (gave her laundry to touch and smell while I was folding, or a piece of celery while I was cooking dinner)
    I did enlist help, and still do! Earlier last week I posted (very sarcastically) for a part time nanny, but then realized that it wasn't such a bad idea. So once or twice a week I have a friend watch her while I really go to town on cleaning and organizing, and then I do the same for her with her baby. Co-op parenting at its finest, and SJ won't have a lack of someone to love up on him while you're getting things done!

    Those are just a couple ideas for you. I hope you find your balance soon!