Monday, May 30, 2016

Testimonial Stones

These are my memorial stones.
I'm building a memorial.  It's not the type of memorial you might imagine when you think of someone making that statement. I won't be using flowers, gold, bricks and mortar.  I'll be using stones, a set of small stones. They'll be placed in a jar or a vase, and displayed on a shelf in my room when I'm all finished.

Yesterday, in church, the message was given surrounding the book of Joshua, chapter 4, in which God parted the river and they were all able to cross.  In the midst of this miraculous chaos, God commanded them to pick up stones and to build with them.  They were commanded to do so, so that when they were seen, their children and others would ask them what the stones were for, and they were to recount the miracle that was bestowed upon them and testify to the greatness of God.

In fact, we were given the ability to take home our own stones from church.

As I was sitting there paying attention, I decided I wasn't just going to take home a bag of random rocks.  I was going to go home and select rocks myself.  Part of this was because I like the idea of being able to control the color pallet, of course.  But, beyond that, I decided I would likely need more than 12, and I wanted them to be smooth, so eventually, I could write on them.

I took it upon myself to start working on a list of the bits of my testimony.  Our pastor gave many ideas, and I included them all on my list because in one way or another, they all fit.  Included in this list are: Salvation, Healing, Strength, Overcoming Power, Revelation, Faithfulness, Miracles, Provision, Protection, Favor, and Family.

That's a pretty good list to start, I would say.

I will admit, I haven't been having an easy time coming up with words to add to the list that fit my particular testimony and aren't already somehow included in those words, but I am trying.  I want my memorial to be as personal as possible.    There are so many elements that I want to be able to include.

And why be so specific? Why label them?  Well, I want it to be personal, as I said, but I also want the ability to be able to take them out when I'm in a funk or on a dark road, feel like God isn't near, feel the enemy attacking, or just need my memory jogged when I am feeling down.  I want to be able to touch the stones, see the words, and really have a concrete vision of all that God has done for me.  I want to be able to add to it as I see fit.  I would love to see that memorial grow.  I will enjoy my children asking what the rocks are for someday and explaining all the ways that God has been so good to me.

But what about you?  

I challenge you to build your memorial. Maybe you'll use rocks.  Maybe you'll use words on slips of paper and tape them to your mirror.  Maybe you'll write them in your Bible. Maybe you'll comment here and share.  Maybe you'll tell a friend. Maybe you'll just pray your thankfulness privately.

Regardless of how you build your memorial, I really urge you to sit and think about your testimony and all of the amazing things God has done for you.  He has done amazing things for EVERYONE.  Salvation is a big one.  When you've accepted Christ, your testimony is solidified, as you are wiped clean and you are a part of Him. That's HUGE.  Maybe you've overcome an addiction. Maybe you've conquered a disease. Maybe you've been given children.  Maybe you have the most wonderful siblings or friends in the world.  Maybe you've simply been blessed with day after brand new day to take deep breaths, find a reason to smile, and face the world.   No matter what, there are stones to your memorial, and there are layers to your testimony.

My testimony is written all over my blog, if you feel like diving deep into my words.  

But my rocks... well, some of them will say-
Overcoming Power

What about you?


  1. Wonderful idea Nik. I love you! You are a blessing to all who read your blog!

  2. Wonderful idea Nik. I love you! You are a blessing to all who read your blog!

  3. Build three and write the story one for each of your children.