Friday, April 16, 2010

11 weeks, 3 days

This is going to be a "pregnancy update" post, though I don't really intend on doing those all that often, because I know that not all readers want to read about pregnancy, babies, and children. And I totally get and respect that. But, it's the only interesting thing I have to talk about today, and then I can put it in my written journal later when I'm not so ready for a nap.

Well, as some may know, I "graduated" from the specialist back to my regular doctor, and I had my first OB appointment with her today. Ack, I adore her!

Jake couldn't come, so she was asking all about him, and I found I couldn't shut up about him and how cute I think he and how excited he is.

She was looking for the heartbeat with the doppler, but couldn't find it, so we had to go (oh darn, right?) to the ultrasound room and do another internal.

I can't believe how much baby has grown in a week and a half! I got to watch Horseradish jumping all over the place. I'm not kidding you, our baby is SO active. Dr. Jennifer and the ultrasound technician both were amazed at how much our little one moves around. It was cute, and totally funny, and I kept getting the giggles watching. You'd see baby kick, and then jump (down/upside down) from one end of the sac to the other and flailing arms and legs all over the place.

Anyway, they easily found the heartbeat, and it slowed some to 178 instead of 185, which is nice to hear. They printed some of the screen captures for Jake since he couldn't be there.

Got to see the heart, the brain developing, the spine, and the umbilical cord blood flow... map thing.

And they changed my due date to November 2, instead of the 3, so a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday and that's what is going in my official chart I guess. But baby is measuring "two days tall" for my due date. I gladly let them know Jake is 6'5".

Now I need to nap. I've been up since 5:30.

Next appointment is May 5, and I think they're doing the first trimester screening ultrasound.

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  1. I bet Horseradish jumps all the time because you giggle all the time. Just a theory.