Sunday, April 18, 2010

Brides and Bachelorettes

Yesterday, I road-tripped back to the home area for my best friend of almost 20 year's bridal shower and bachelorette party. I really haven't been to too many bridal showers in my life, let alone those I enjoyed, but I was in good spirits seeing as how the bride this time was someone I love as dearly as a sister.

And I had a great time! It was fun to be there with her as she opened presents (although, as we both agree, it took forever and it's kind of lame to have people sit and watch you do so) and participate in the games her sisters planned (I won both, score wise, but I didn't tell anyone my score. I rule! You just need to be aware of that), and see some people I hadn't seen in a long time. We had some good laughs also, like, when we were unsure if someone had given her a tube of tissue paper as a gift.

Then it was the bachelorette party about an hour away. We had our nails done at a salon by her older sister's house, and since people touching my feet weirds me out quite a bit, I opted for a manicure only. I let MBF (Miss Best Friend/Michelle/Bride) pick out my polish, and she chose a color called "Black Hole." I found this amusing, since it's a shade of burgandy. Anyway, although the place was definitely basking in the fumes of chemicals and polish, it was a pretty good time, sitting there chatting and joking around with the other ladies.

Then it was my turn to get my nails done. Ack. I wasn't nervous until my little nail technician started to... well, yell, kind of, at me. Yeah. I had both hands soaking in the water! Oh no! And then, ack! I accidentally let one of my nails touch my other hand while switching it from the drying fan! It had no polish on, just a clear base coat, so I wanted to tell her to chill out, but I refrained. And then... OH NO!!!!!!!! The towel my hands were resting on started to slip from the little table when I moved my hands away, so, I thought I would be nice and just use my forearm and wrist to push it back up.

Apparently, this was the worst idea, because this little lady almost lost it. "NO DON'T DO THAT!" (Or something very similar, it was hard to understand) came out of her mouth. I was astonished that she'd be so mad, since I wasn't actually using my hands. By this point, I was sick of her yelling and snipping at me, so I continued, with some effort (partially just to drive her crazy, and partially because she freaked me out and I lost my grip with my arm on the towel), to push the towel back onto the desk. She continued to tell me not to do it, but I got it up there, and then went to dry my nails. Haha. Take that, nail lady!

The rest of the evening was a ton of fun, loads of laughter, great food, and well... games related to the male genitalia. Now, that was a little odd for me, I won't lie, because that sort of fun is totally not my personality, but I suppose, when the guest-of-honor has a last name that is somewhat pornographic, you might say, it's quite fitting.


  1. I also went to a bachelorette party yesterday. It was lots of fun, even eating the phallic better than sex cake. Lol. Girls are weird.

  2. I didn't expect all of the penis games either, but I thought it was really fun! Maybe I was just craving something that would really feel like I was hanging out with other adults...haha!

  3. I had a great time at the bachelorette party too. More phallic symbols than I was expecting, but it's all in good fun.