Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get a grip on it.

For the past few weeks, I've been feeling a little more overwhelmed and stressed out than usual. Part of it is being exhausted, I think. Spencer hasn't slept through the night in WEEKS, which is so odd, and somewhat frustrating at night, considering he had been for well over a month up until he started cutting his teeth, and then it's just been back to the old ways, up at least once a night, sometimes up to four times. Ack!

I think that having Jesse and Sam move also didn't help, but I am much more at peace with them being gone now. I definitely miss them, though, that's for sure. They've only been gone a full week! How crazy is that? It feels like weeks have gone by since I said goodbye to them at the airport. I think the fact that they both got cell phones right away, and a mailing address, helps. I've been able to at least correspond with them every day, and on Wednesday of this last week, we had a family Skype date! Jesse and Samantha in Alaska video chatting with Spencer, Jake, and I in South Dakota! It REALLY helps bridge the distance. We're going to have another date tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, I'll be more awake this time (so will Spencer, less crabby, I'm thinkign). I already sent them two letters, and received one. And, it's barely over two months until we get to be in the same room as them again! So, yes, I'm feeling better about them being so far away, though, I do miss them dearly. It's very different without them being a part of my evening plans during the week!

Lately, I've also really been missing my brother, Bryan, who is in Kuwait. He called over a week ago, and I didn't get to answer, so I didn't get to talk to him. I have his voicemail still saved, thankfully, so I can listen to it when I'm thinking about him. I'm praying constantly that he's safe!

Fortunately, though, I have been able to spend multiple nights in the past week with my darling cousin and best friend, Tarah (yes, I have about 7 best friends, and I think that is totally okay). She's helped me battle the loneliness and stress by just being around, helping me with Spencer so I'm not frazzled when he's screaming at me because he wants a bath and I'm in the middle of something, for example. I've also got an amazing husband, who holds me when I need it, and tries his best to make my every day wonderful. He loves me. And that's awesome. And I have many other friends, too, who will listen when I need it.

I must say, I am also really blessed with the church family that we've become a part of. I know I have many friends there who are always willing to say a little prayer!

Spencer and I have spent about 3.5 hours at parks over the last two days, covered in dirt, sand, and fresh air. It's been wonderful. I LOVE how he gets excited to walk barefoot in the sand and leads me quickly around in circles. I always wonder where he's taking me, and it's usually... nowhere in particular. But it's fun. He loves throwing sand and getting it in his hair. For now, that's okay. We'll work on it when he's older.

Enough babble. Time for SJ's bath.

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  1. :) I'm always here to say a little prayer, and to listen and hang out and talk and whatever you need. Much much love Nicole