Saturday, August 13, 2011

Please, don't take them!

Tomorrow, my dad is coming to Sioux Falls to visit. When he leaves, he'll be taking my younger sisters back home.

They've been visiting since I picked them up on July 29th. We've been having an amazingly fun, laughter-filled time together. While, I'm sure they're probably ready to be away from a baby crying in the middle of the night, I hope they're a little hesitant to leave at least.

We've had a lot of fun adventures since they arrived. We've gone shopping, swimming at pools, playing at the spray park, going to the water park, volunteering at the humane society, taking a trip to the butterfly house and aquariums, watching a movie in a park, enjoying the falls, relaxing at Barnes and Noble, playing at various playgrounds, renting movies and eating popcorn, going to a Go Fish concert, writing with glow sticks in the dark, going to the Sioux Empire Fair wandering around downtown, eating cupcakes, and laughing our butts off until we could barely breathe. Many activities involved other people, too, like Jake, Jesse, Samantha, Tarah, Rena, and Kayla and her family (of course, Spencer, too).

I think we've acquired at least 3 new punchline-inside jokes that keep coming up in our daily conversations, causing us to giggle like freaks.

We've taken over a hundred photos of Spencer!

It's been amazing. I wish they lived closer. Even though they're 12 and 16 years younger than me, we're close, and we have such wonderful times when we're together. I HATE seeing them leave.

Tomorrow, like I said, my dad will come, we'll go to the zoo, and then they'll be gone.

I wish we could pause tonight, just for a little while. Next week, the house will seem so quiet, and lonely.

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