Monday, May 10, 2010

He Wants to Etch-A-Sketch my Head.

I have had a headache, off and on, all day, every day, a week ago today... for sure, not to mention randomly before that. I tried tylenol, which is what I was told I could take, and drinking a lot of water, and it just wasn't helping. So, I gave in and called the doctor (after the urging of many friends), in attempt to solve the problem.

Jake, in attempt to be helpful, told me "I would love to etch-a-sketch your head." I laughed so hard. He meant it to mean he wished he could erase my headache, but it sounded like an insult more than anything.

It was a frustrating and long day as I waited to hear what they wanted, if they wanted me to come in maybe, and check my blood pressure or iron... and then waiting to hear what they wanted to do about it.

They suggested a few things:
* VICODIN (how about, hey, I'm pregnant and that scares me (and yes, they know I'm pregnant))
* Excedrin, but if that doesn't work, maybe Vicodin anyway

I was really... shocked, nonetheless, by the Vicodin thing.

Anyway, beyond pain killers, they suggested I take it easy, rest more (which seems funny because I'm tired all the time, but apparently they say it could just be my body's way of telling me I'm pushing too much), relax and de-stress as much as possible, and if all else fails, cool showers, so we'll see.

Moving on. Jake had flowers sent to me for my first Mother's Day ever! I mean, granted ourbaby is not born yet, but I guess it still counts. They hadn't bloomed by yesterday morning, and I made a joke about them being fortune flowers and telling me I was going to be a bad mother. We both got a great laugh out of that, and Jake informed me I am the funniest person he's ever met.

We visited his mother yesterday, as well as his best friend, and I learned a little about HDR photography, so when my headache isn't bugging me as much, I'm going to try that out a little more. My first and somewhat lame attempt can be seen here. It is my mother's day flowers on top of Wendell's dog dish. Yeah, like I said, kind of lame. But I am not feeling well (I was home sick today).

mother's day flowers

We had a wedding on Saturday, for a friend that I work with. It was a blast. I wasn't feeling well at all (headache and such) but Jake did a fantastic job running the show. I kept things in check and took pictures of stuff (like I love to do), and now it is my job to proof and edit all the photos. You can see a few of the previews that I did on Sunday morning, by clicking here.


  1. oy, i'm sorry your headache isn't any better yet. I dont' know anything about vicodin and pregnancy and side effects, but vicodin can be scary enough when you don't have something growing inside of you. Does not want.

    David does a bit of HDR, but I don't really care for it. Not my style. Those flowers are so pretty though!

  2. 1) Don't you have to shake an etch-a-sketch really hard to erase it?

    2) Maybe your flowers really are fortune flowers and they didn't bloom because your baby hasn't bloomed yet ;)


  3. Aww, I hope you feel better soon and that they give you something other than vicodin to help with the headaches.

    I'd be doing a lot of sleeping if I was suffering like you. Can't be fine in the least. I'm sorry hon. Feel better soon!