Friday, May 14, 2010

I used the new camera today.

Jake and I purchased a brand new, Canon 50D on Saturday, half an hour before the wedding we were booked to shoot. (Luckily, the system is pretty similar to the 30D which we own, so Jake figured it out with little effort and the photos turned out magnificently). I hadn't really touched it since we bought it... which is sad, because I love photography.

Anyway, since the sun finally came out today, I decided to take 50 to Terrace park for a short rendezvous, and attempt a few HDR photography sets. I need to give the 50 a nickname. 30 too, now that I think about it.

Let me tell you what, when your camera weighs as much as a small dog, it's hard to hold it perfectly still. I didn't think to bring the tripod. I did attempt to fold myself up with my knees to my chest to rest the camera between them... but that didn't work so well. Very uncomfortable. Who would have thought, right? Haha.

Anyway, you can see the attempts on facebook. CLICK HERE.


  1. I think you should call it "Fiddy", like 50 Cent says his name. ;) Or not.

  2. That's pretty awesome that you got a new camera. Other then the heaviness how are you liking it?

  3. lol bringing your knees to your chest is going to be impossible soon! and word, definitely need a tripod for HDR.

    My XTi is simply "Rebel" and is our boy. the 7D however got a "real" name, Chloe. I am a bad mother, Chloe is my favorite (but with good reason? lol).