Sunday, September 4, 2011

Girls Day

Today was the first time in a long, long time, that I had a day with a girlfriend, just us. Rena and Nik. No baby. No husband. No need for me to be home at a certain time. Just the day to do whatever we pleased, together.

It was crazy odd to have that feeling of freedom.

It was awesome, too. Simple and wonderful.

We went to church together, followed by brunch, where we sat and joked around and laughed like goofballs. Then we walked around the falls. After, we went to Barnes and Noble for a while, then stopped at the Pump'N Pak for soda, and ended up back at my place, talking, laughing, reminiscing of our time together at Augustana College, and all the goofy stunts and pranks we pulled on a friend.

I can't lie and say that I didn't enjoy it, because I most definitely did. I needed it! I hadn't realized how I hadn't had a day like that in forever, until we were nearly halfway through our time together.

Not that I'm complaining about having the responsibility of an infant. I'm not. Nor am I complaining about having a husband. I love them both. I love spending my days with them.

It was just... different. And wonderful.

Thank you, Jake, Spencer, and Rena, for giving me that breath of change for a day. I love you all.

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  1. I had an absolute blast with you, my dear friend. It was good to just get out and have girl time. I am loving the pictures you found of us...we look so young! Some days I just want to go back to those Augustana days...before you left, of course ;)

    Is that our sweet silver ladder I spy behind us in the tattoo pic???