Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Under the Knife.

I don't recall if I blogged about this subject before, especially while pregnant, so here's a quick summary of the past before I give an update:

While I was pregnant, I had a cyst on the tip of my tail bone flare up... really intensely. More than once, even. It was so painful I had a hard time sitting, standing, even wearing pants. I would end up in hysterics driving home from work it hurt so bad. They drained it once "surgically" and it drained on its own a few times.

Since I was pregnant, they couldn't do much for me, but they said at the surgical tower that if it came back again, especially after giving birth, to call them and they'd discuss options. So, when it did the day after I got home from the hospital, and again a few weeks later, and then it never really disappeared... I called them.

Today, I met with the surgeon. I thought they were going to do a quick drain today and send me on my way.. which they did.

BUT, they also scheduled me for full-on surgery next Wednesday.

I'm nervous. I have a week to sift through this nervousness and pray it be quelled, but seriously, I've never had anesthesia before. The thought scares me. Before I had Spencer, I hadn't even been hospitalized. So... needless to say, I'm not excited.

I am certain it will be fine, though. So, it's just a matter of calming down my mind, really.

They're going to knock me out, cut me open, cut it out, put in a tube, and sew me back up. I'll have a tube for a week or so, and have to take it easy until it's out and the wound heals. They say it's a tricky location since there's so much movement and stress, so I'll definitely have to limit mobility for the first few days. I'll have to have a baby sitter for at least 24 hours, and they say probably help with Spencer for first few days because I'll want to limit activity that causes stress on the area.

Should be delightful.



  1. Anesthesia isn't bad at all... I was scared to death when they had to put me under for my D&C, but out wasn't that bad at all. It really is just like falling asleep,.just really quickly once they give you the oxygen mask. It even gave me the courage to get my wisdom teeth out which I had been do scared to do because if the anesthesia. You'll do great! If you need anything let me know!

  2. You will do perfectly fine! Sorry to hear about all of it, but I am sure it will be over before you know it. Wish I could help out!


  3. Anesthesia is kind of fun, if a bit disorienting. Make sure you listen to the doctors and RELAX after your surgery! Thinking about you :)