Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Someone just won a MUD BUTT!

Let's just say a few things before I announce the winner... partially to fill ya'll with total suspense (because I have a slightly evil side, obviously), and also to point out a few thoughts I have following the review and giveaway week!

First, I can hardly believe the amount of people who visited my blog. Over 400 visitors before I posted the blog entry after the review (I have two between the review and this winner announcement, if you're not a follower)! That blew my mind.

Second, I have a lot of friends (that I know personally) that are into cloth diapering! I didn't really realize that until I went through and read all the entries. That's SO AWESOME.

Third, I loved all the creativity that was shared with the creation of your "custom" diaper and the naming of the product. Most people went for "edible" names, but some didn't. Didn't matter either way, it was just fun to read!

Fourth, I found a common theme in people's responses to cloth diapering, which I'm sure many are avidly aware of, such as (and I'm paraphrasing)... "Ew! Poop! What do you do with it?!" or "Isn't that a lot of work?" as well as "Cloth diapers nowadays are SO MUCH MORE AWESOME than they used to be! You don't have to stab at a baby anymore!" Haha. I've personally heard all of those sorts. I hadn't heard, unlike some entrant, anything about people refusing to watch my baby! You poor thing!

Fifth, there sure are a lot of M&M Butt Fans out there! I'm glad ya'll like my creation!

Anyway... onto the winner announcement.

I had FOURTY entries. 40! WOW! In one week even! Woohooo!

1. Rachel F.
2. Jessica
3. Abbie E.
4. Gina
5. Cathy
6. Ashley W.
7. Courtney
8. Rosie H.
9. Christi H.
10. Stephanie
11. Christina
12. Kate B.
13. Katie F.
14. Audra
15. Aleia
16. Boise W.
17. Randi H.
18. Mary T.
19. Jessica C.
20. Mandy R.
21. Naomi C.
22. Cassie B.
23. Rachel N.
24. Amanda B.
25. Niki L.
26. Ashley S.
27. Rachel
28. Jill
29. JaTon L.
30. Jenn E.
31. Lisa H.
32. Jaimie K.
33. Jodi
34. Krystal M.
35. Lauren
36. Samantha H.
37. Kami Q.
38. Narelle G.
39. Devin R.
40. Sandy S.

So, here's how I chose the winner (still stalling, I know...):
I copied that list and pasted it in the List Randomizer at Random.org.
See that here:

Then, I clicked "Randomize."

I got this list....

(If you click on those, you can probably see the bigger versions, which means you'd be able to read the entire list and the order in which people "would win" if there were "places" for the contest.)
Which means...

You win!! Congratulations!
Ashley's design was Dark Brown PUL with Lime Green and Orange Snaps.
She calls it.... "Fin Spin," after her son, Finley!
I'll be sending Carrie at Mud Butt Cloth Diapers your entry right now!

Thanks for participating, everyone, and I hope you had fun flexing your creative muscle! And, don't be discouraged. If you're a "liker" of Mud Butt Cloth Diapers on Facebook, chances are you'll be able to participate in another giveaway in not "too long" a time-frame! Or, you could just save up for a week and buy one. Trust me, I really don't think you'll be disappointed!

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