Monday, March 7, 2011

The Cake Lady's Granddaughter.

Tonight, Jillian and I were asked by her husband, Robert, to make a few big sheet cakes for Starbuck's birthday/anniversary and new logo launch celebration tomorrow.

Jillian did the baking and the preliminary frosting, and I did the design and piping- freehanded, of course.

It was a wonderful time, though, with two infants, it sure took a while!

It was really the first time I did an "extensive" decorating since I did with my grandmother, way back when, when she still had the full use of her hands to decorate cakes.

In high school, the cafeteria ladies once asked me "are you the cake lady's granddaughter?"

My grandmother was the cake lady in Lamberton. So, yes, yes I was.

And I still am.

Working on these cakes with Jillian really brought back a ton of fantastic memories. I used to help my grandma with children's cakes, wedding cakes, graduation cakes, you name it. My first cakes were children's cakes, the kind you filled in with the "star" tip like pointillism paintings. They were sore-hand-inducing fun!

Jillian and I were talking today about the possibility of taking cake decorating classes. Now, after reliving the fun I had with my grandmother so long ago, an art form she taught me that I have not forgotten, I really would like to.

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